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BGC 2022 LB/PTP Thread

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I don't see much talk about Damone Clark. He needs to be in the discussion. He's in the top 3 LB's (slightly ahead of Chanel but behind Lloyd) imo. Dean and his speed are serious business but I'm not a big fan nor do I think he fits in our D.
With HT, Van Noy, Collins and Bentley all questionable to return, we need to draft a LB high if we don't get one/two in FA. McGrone is still in play and I think he'll be a good player once healthy and fully recovered. But he's still an unknown.
I love Clark's speed. It's raw and his range is real. I think he plays faster than w/e he'll time. Like his versatility. Concerned about block / run recognition and ability to get off blocks though. Plus zone dropper, needs work in man.

Reminds me a little bit of Cox?

I think Bill will like Chad Muma. Former HS DB. Started on ST. Not the athlete that Clark but extensive football instincts and IQ. Very rarely out of position or surprised by what's happening out there. Probably the surest tackler out there. Straight up, backside, he's really good. Physical and crafty getting off blocks. This is definitely up there in terms of assets. Better than most even the top tier. I think he could be decent in some coverage duties but definitely not man to man with players that have twitch and quicks.

I love the way Chenal takes on power he's lined up in the A gap and taken on the power pigs in an aggressive stance just muscle on muscle on many occasions.

Brandon Smith is another potential I like for us. Quay Walker.

I think Harris, McFadden, Troy Anderson and Rose could end up here bc of their potential in coverage and all around ability.

There's a decent group to pick from. Not a bad class at all.


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This is a position where we can use an upgrade in speed and young Alabama prospect always worth noting:



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Thoughts? He had a 4.4(!) 40.

Raw as hell. Lots of potential in coverage. Like McFadden he's a natural dropping deep in a T2 style. Taking away flat, Anderson can time up a blitz well. His instincts and technique concerns though. He's very inconsistent but his flashes are real, looks like he good be an NFL player but his technique in the run game is so-so. He's moved out of his gaps by bad eyes in the backfield. He's got a ton of motor and want to though. He'll gladly play ST and get in where he fits in. Not sure he's a fit here. We a little bit of a project in McGrone already. We need someone that can really contribute meaningful snaps very soon.


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Chenal and Travis Jones aren't sexy picks but very realistic and they would go a long way in terms of what we're asking of guys & actual need in positions. I knew he had some juice, some twitch to his game but these #'s are silly
I wouldn't mind seeing Chenal (and Travis Jones) drafted a bit earlier by the Pats than where projected to go. That's if BB sees them the same way I do as fits. BB usually doesn't risk losing out on a coveted player. He also gets a ton of crap for doing so cause it doesn't always work out. IMO this one would pan out.


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Chenal and Travis Jones aren't sexy picks but very realistic and they would go a long way in terms of what we're asking of guys & actual need in positions. I knew he had some juice, some twitch to his game but these #'s are silly
I have been pumping the breaks for both guys early on. They would be a good fit for what our defense needs. Let’s face it we won’t have two light ILB with true sideline range it won’t happen , one of the two ILB will be a bigger LB and Chenal certainly fits that mold. His north south run defense is amazing especially his ability to take offensive linemen and as an extra Blitzer through A/B gap like HT he would excel. We could complement Chrnsl and McGrone at ILB imo and have both vertical and horizontal Typ of LB
Jones would be an amazing fit next to barmore


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Unfortunately not, ruptured Achilles. A significantly worse injury.
Oh, my bad. I thought I read torn acl and found it was odd that folks on the scene were specific in the description that they hard a loud pop coming from his ankle. Damn man. That sucks. Sure hope his representation got him some good insurance.

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Tindall and q walker are great examples of today’s linebacker, but they stay on blocks too long, so you must keep them clean.