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Oct 25th

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I’ve been seeing the latest mock drafts recently and have been seeing Raekwon Davis falling down the board (maybe because the injury he had during the year). Do you guys think there is a chance he is even close to being available come our third round pick? I had to find a new player to shoot for after Derrick brown skyrocketed to a top 10 pick.
In the 3rd round no.. Probably would have to trade up (or down from the 1st).
I think he's falling in most mocks because, even though he played mostly inside this season, he didn't replicate his performance from 2 years ago.
I would take gallimore in the 3rd if he is there.


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Neville Gallimore is a brute. Would be a great pick up for us. Can play DT 3 tech, can also play NT. Seems a typical BB pick.


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Although he was totally neutralized by LSU
O-line his motor is tremendous and he is going to find his place in NFL. Destructive force similar to Fletcher Cox'.

Ochmed Jones

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Neville Gallimore is a brute. Would be a great pick up for us. Can play DT 3 tech, can also play NT. Seems a typical BB pick.

he is kind of under sized for the zero technique, I look at him as a pure 4-3 under tackle, He tends to play high.

if you want a future nt, then look no further than foku of Utah, really hard to move even when being doubled. Needs a ton of technique work, but after a red shirt year, he could be a starter for us.


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2020 NFL Scouting Combine winners/losers: DL

Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU

Blacklock was an explosive interior defender for the Horned Frogs, and his combine workout showed teams he possesses the athleticism to play anywhere around the line of scrimmage. His 4.9 40 and 29-inch vertical jump portended a quality on-field workout, and he didn't disappoint. Blacklock consistently showed quick feet in drills, getting over field pads in a hurry and moving laterally while making it look effortless. He showed his lack of experience bending on the edge in some drills, but given his athletic profile, I don't expect that to be an issue.

Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma
Gallimore checked in at 304 pounds earlier this week, but still ran a 4.79 40. He moved like a 285-pound version of himself through the various drills on Saturday. His punch to pads was as powerful as anyone on the field, sending the upright pad to a horizontal state. His full-out effort caused him to lose his balance trying to bend around corners a couple times, but I think scouts will forgive him for that because of the flexibility he demonstrated.

DaVon Hamilton, DT, Ohio State
It took Hamilton time to get on the field for the Buckeyes because of the talent in Columbus. He played well as a senior, though, and excelled at the Senior Bowl last month. He should be taking another step up draft boards thanks to his combine performance. He impressed me with his movement skills on the various on-field drills. He kept his center of gravity low throughout the workout, pounded the bags as he slalomed through them and presented some nice bend in the new run-the-hoops drill. His 5.14 40 time at 320 pounds is fine; he lifted 33 reps on the bench press (with 33-inch arms) and jumped 29.5 inches vertically. This nose tackle showed teams he has the athleticism to be a long-time NFL player.

Rashard Lawrence, DT, LSU
Lawrence measured 6-foot-2, so he's not among the taller defensive linemen in the class. Yet on the field, he failed to show much ability to bend or drop his hips. He was consistently stiff and upright in drills. Lawrence played that way at LSU, so this was no real surprise -- but this workout confirmed the issue. He showed fair straight-line speed, and a team will value his strong get-off and pure power on the defensive line at some point in the draft. I expect him to have a long career in the trenches, but I don't think his combine workout will convince a team to use a top-50 selection to acquire his services.

2020 NFL Scouting Combine winners/losers: Isaiah Simmons!

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I also placed Arkansas DT McTelvin Agim's results in the Pro Day thread:

Arkansas Pro Day results

There still might be some decent DT prospects available by the time we pick in the 6th round, including I hope at least one out of Agim, Benito Jones, Bravvion Roy and the 3 from Nebraska.
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Tier 2

Derrick Brown 6'5/325 - Auburn

Rashad Lawrence 6'3/320 - LSU

Justin Madubuike 6'3/300 - Texas A&M

Raekwon Davis 6'7/315 - Alabama

Javon Kinlaw 6'6/305 - South Carolina

Tier 3
Marvin Wilson 6'5/320 - FSU

Jay Tufele 6'3/310 - USC

Benito Jones 6'2/315 - Ole Miss

Mustafa Johnson 6'2/290 - Colorado

Raequan Williams 6'4/300 - Michigan St

Broderick Washington 6'3/305 - Texas Tech

Aaron Crawford 6'1/310 -North Carolina

Leki Fotu 6'5/325 - Utah

Jordan Scott 6'1/330 - Oregon

James Lynch 6'4/290 - Baylor

Tier 4
Jordan Elliott 6'4/315 - Missouri

Neville Gallimore 6'2/330 - Oklahoma

Nyles Pinckney 6'1/300 - Clemson

Ellison Hubbard 6'1/285 - Colorado St

Carlos Davis 6'2/325 - Nebraska

Ralph Holley /6'2/275 - Western Michigan

Larrell Murchison 6'3/290 - NC State

Amir Watts 6'3/290 - Pittsburgh

Josiah Coatney 6'4/315 - Ole Miss

Quinton Bohanna 6'4/340 - Kentucky

Jason Strowbridge 6'4/290 - North Carolina

Lorenzo Neal 6'3/315 - Purdue

Tyler Clark 6'4/300 - Georgia

Jonathan Wilson 6'3/280 - Memphis

Ray Lima 6'3/300 Iowa St

Tier 5
Breiden Fehoko 6'4/290 - LSU

Doug Costin 6'2/295 Miami (OH)

Robert Landers 6'1/285 - OSU

Benning Potoa’e 6'3/290 - Washington

Darrion Daniels 6'3/320 - Nebraska

David Moa 6'3/275 - Boise St

Mike Panasiuk 6'4/285 - Michigan St

Chigozie Nnoruka 6'1/295 Miami

Phil Hoskins 6'5/305 Kentucky