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Ben roethlisberger on the last few mins of the game

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Sep 12th

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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
A couple of things:
  • The Steelers had over three minutes to come up with a play or six while they were reviewing the TD. Instead of looking at the replays over and over on the scoreboard, Tomlin, Roethlisberger, and Haley should have been discussing strategy.
  • He shouldn't have spiked the ball. He had time for another play. If he spiked the ball, the only option would be to try to tie the game and go into overtime.
  • It is Roethlisberger's fault. He should have just thrown the ball out of bounds and not into triple coverage.


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I hope they keep mulling and moaning about this game for the rest of the season.

They literally have not stopped talking about this since Sunday. I would not be surprised if their obsession with this game is eating into their preparation for the next game. They need to take a page from Belichick and move on. Going back trying to revise history on what you did or didn't do or should or shouldn't have done isn't going to change the outcome.

Now Ben is talking about a TO he did or did not ask for and Tomlin is going on about how the refs should not grant a TO to the QB. Like wtf?

SVN Retired Jersey Club
This is what happens when you worry about one game and one team all season. They have to think that if they lost they can still go ahead in the season. would the pats have given up all hope if they had lost sunday of going into pittsburgh again and winning ?


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Good QB, at times great. But he is total boob. Take some responsibility without tossing blame at others.


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Shows you how that team is coached. Total disarray in a crucial moment of a game.

PatsDeb Supporter Supporter
I hope they keep mulling and moaning about this game for the rest of the season.
Me too. Do you think the Pats are still reliving and re-analyzing this game? I don't. Too bad the Steelers have such cupcakes for their last two games (Houston & Cleveland). It would be great if they could lose another game to give us a little insurance (Jacksonville too!).

PatsFanSince74 Supporter Supporter
The squealers where living dangerously at the end of games and it finally caught up to them. Sooner or later it would catch up to them.
But, how is what happened Sunday an example of "living dangerously at the end of games?"
Running a slant/pick, pass play at the Goal Line in the closing seconds of an important game...that's a safe, smart play to run against the Patriots, isn't it? I mean what could go wrong?
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Winners never rape and Rapists never win

you probably shouldn't read that story about the ONE Michigan county that had 890 something serial rapists discovered after someone started actually testing all the rapekits the police were just tossing into storage.

but that's for a different thread.

Ben is a whiny little brat, and i hope his legs fall off.
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