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BB should be aggressive for once in this draft.

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Dec 6th

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Aside from Lawrence none of the QBs are really NFL talent. How many Ohio St QBs have to be complete bust before people stop taking them in the first round?

The kid from North Dakota literally has only played one season, and that was last year. He hasn't played against FBS talent. Taking him early in the first round is a recipe for diaster. Honestly if Kellen Mond had played at North Dakota, his numbers would be the same if not better. There is a huge difference between the SEC and the rest of the FBS and an even bigger gap between the FBS and FCS.

The Pats are pretty much devoid of talent. The time to be aggresive is when they had a franchise QB and could have used an explosive playmaker, now its time to restock the cubbard. Unless Waddle, Smith, or Pitts falls to 15, BB should trade back and assemble as many 2nd rd picks as he can.

You really can't even make a mock draft until after free agency starts, because at least then you know what the team needs are.

Is Thuney gone? (most likely)
Do they trade their best player in Gilmore? (not that much cap relief and a huge downgrade, better off keeping him)
Who is the QB?
Is Edelman coming back
James White is signing with Tampa (it is pretty clear that Tampa let TB be the GM and he showed he is a better GM than BB)
Is Hightower coming back or retiring?
Is Cannon getting cut?

As you can see the holes that already exist are many, and depending on the answers to above, their might be even more. If the Pats trade Gilmore, lose Edelman, Hightower, Cannon, White and Thuney, they might be looking at a 2-14 season! (of course they will beat the JEts twice)

Wow, guess the mark was missed here, broke crystal ball?? TB is a better GM than BB??

2-14 is a tad conservative, personally prefer a wait and see approach, but they will not go 2 -14..

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