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Are we too weak at TE? How about a blockbuster just for FUN!

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Sep 12th

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We are weak at TE. Call it thin. Gronk is the best in the business but let's not bet on him for 16 games. We also see that the Pats are sniffing for a experienced back up QB, and are either dangling Mallett......... or not at this point.

Now the catalysis for this discussion. Cowboys fans have been lamenting a few items. The defensive weakness especially with the loss of Sean Lee for the season, Tony Romo's ongoing health issues and as he is nearing 35 years old, where is the successor?......and weather or not to get the most value out of TE Jason Witten who in now 32. Prior to the draft, some guru's questioned a trade as a possibility. Rumors have been started about trades on Witten who might a want SB shot and not want to be part of a rebuild.

Food for thought. We have to give up something substantial, Can we live without Hightower? Yea I know...... First round type guy.

Mallett (Jones likes those Arkansas guys) and Hightower plus we might have to throw another defensive player to help, about another Arkansas guy we can't get on the field like DE Jake Bequette who might flourish there, for QB Brandon Weedon and Witten. Too much? Too little?

Pats: Witten as insurance for Gronk and still plays at a high level. Both together would be unstoppable. Weedon has NFL starts. I think with Mayo, Collins and Anderson (even #50 Nink) we can fill that void.

Boys: Mallett would actually get playing time because Romo will not play all sixteen and that is almost certain. Mallett might be the strong arm the Boys need for guys like Dez Bryant (not Weedon). Mallett is not going to get any better behind Brady and the Pats just picked up a QB JG in the Draft. The Boys are desperate for defensive help. We are giving up three young guys for two vets but the reward can be outstanding.

DW Toys

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To quote Julian Edelman:


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And, for a little more depth:

(1) Jerruh is not going to trade arguably the most popular Cowboy (love or hate Romo, I don't know of any Cowboy fans that hate Witten) and take an extra cap hit to do it. And, oh yeah, they'd be creating an enormous hole in their offense, since Witten is Romo's binky in the passing game.
(2) BB is not going to trade Hightower.
(3) I want no part of Weeden, TYVM.
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Mallet and Hightower for a declining 32-Year Old player, whom will be our backup TE for one or two years tops?

Yeah, no thanks


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Sometimes it's worth looking at what Belichick is actually doing with the roster to gleen clues about what he's thinking. It seems pretty apparent that he is most interested in TE depth that can block. You might have heard a thing or two in messages here about the need to protect Brady from speed rushers...

Likewise, the moves at RB suggest that he'd like to get the pass/run option from receiving RBs (e.g. Kevin Faulk).

It's all well and good to suggest that Belichick should just go trade for Jason Whitten as a backup tight end. But, how the heck do you stay under the salary cap if you pay Jason Whitten to be your backup tight end? :)


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BB likes Hightower. Trust him with calling plays. Insurance if Mayo/Collins get injured. Plus he will be used blitzing and pass rushing this year.

No way BB parts with Hightower as a "throw in".

Mallet + 4th rounder for Witten.

Maybe a 3rd rounder. Anything more than that would be robbery. Witten is 32 years old and the Cowboys are rebuilding.


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I can see Dallas as a place that could fit Mallet and I said this here before. Romo have had his fair share of injuries, he's a tough guy but he's not durable. When we talk about a team that need a backup QB who can win 2 out of 4 games and keep the team in the playoff run, the Dallas might be the definition of this team, because they play in a tough division and they have lost playoff opportunities in recent years because of that.

But this trade ain't gonna happen. If Garopoulos play the next 3 preseason games like he did against the Redskins, than a Mallet for a 6th round pick, maybe conditional, could be a reasonable trade. Or Mallet for a 7th + JAG.

Still, I believe Mallet stays in NE for this upcoming season, a trade during the regular season when teams get desperate is an alternative though.

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Mallet would look good in Dallas because if he does something stupid nobody would notice. Because... Romo.


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I have to be honest I was expecting something better than this. Mallett a potential starting QB, Hightower a starting SAM LB, and a throw in for a 32 year old TE with a ton of mileage on his body. I think this would be better received in the Cowboys forum.


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I wouldn't trade Hightower for Witten straight up, let alone what you are proposing.

What you are advocating is front office suicide.

For the first time in a decade, the Patriots have a defense that can be relied upon, and you want to trade the 3rd year LB who stepped in and called all the plays last year and is considered a solid anchor of the D? For an older, less explosive version of Hernandez?

And throw in Mallet, when Garropolo has played but one PS game?



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we don't have the pieces to trade for a decent TightEnd.
You look around the league for a guy worth trading for and the only names on my list are

Jordan Cameron
Jimmy Graham(Not happening with that contract)
Julius Thomas
Eric Ebron(Never going to happen)

we had a shot at scott chandler and we didnt take it.

All of the other starters in the league are, to me, not worth giving anything up.


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How about bringing in Tony Gonzalez during the bye? Maybe he's got a half of a season left in him in order to get a ring.
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