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Another ******** article by Ron Borges

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Dec 6th

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I bet if this was Super Bowl week HT would play. The guy never fails to let us down.

It’s a torn pec, reportedly. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of Hightower playing.


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You guys who read Borges articles are like that commercial about the people who enjoy drinking spoiled milk, hitting their head or getting paper cuts.

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Keeping/trading Collins = legitimate discussion
Re-signing/not re-signing Hightower = legitimate discussion

There's really not a problem there. I think Collins v. Hightower is a bad choice of comparisons, though. The issues stand out better when the player situations are viewed separately.


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Sorry for those who thought I was saying just because it's a regular season game that HT wouldn't play this week and comparing it to the SB.

My intention was saying that HT has put his body on the line more than anyone could ask for.

As his injury is as bad as it is and he must of been in incredible pain he has played through it all, and has come up massively for us through so many different occasions.

Sorry for those who thought I was saying HT wasn't a reliable player for us.


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I haven't had any long term concerns about the Patriots in a while.

It's been nice.


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Pretty simple: Some players will thrive under A and not so much under B (and of course some players will not thrive at all).

BB and and HC staff have to determine if a player will or will not thrive under their program/philosophy/plan. Maybe Collins has/will excel under the right program but BB/MP made the determination that Collins wouldn't in New England. And there was some film breakdown evidence to show Collins was not thriving in the BB/MP program.

I don't understand why it is so hard to understand the concept that each individual player is not a 'one size fits all' for any team.


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The question I ponder is if he had been that player, stuck to his responsibilities, didn’t let Lynch break free on a simple curl in XLIX, would he still be here instead of Hightower?

I think both would still be here.

But McClellin (who would have been a painless cut) and Harris would have never appeared. Also with that much money potentially in the LB group who knows what domino effect that would have had on the contracts that were (and were not) given out last summer in the secondary (Ryan, Butler, Harmon, Gilmore). In short I think the team would look very different on defense.


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Why any Pats fan would give that clown (or a company sleazy enough to employ him) the time of day is beyond my comprehension. Getting upset at his drivel is next level crazy. Yeah, Borges wrote another agenda driven hit piece on the Pats exposing himself as a clown. And? I mean, seriously, so what? It's what he does. i'ts all he does. Getting upset over it is a waste of energy.

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For Borges what you see is what you get, a tired old butthurt man who somehow was maligned by Belichick over something about Bledsoe/Brady... he is the remnants of really bad Boston Media... his history is marked by Plagiarism and an assault on an older boxing reporter.. Borges is a pure sleaze... after being let go by the Globe, the Herald hired him.

If you click on his article you give him credibility. Every time you click on his article a cute little girls brand new puppy dies.. if no one pays attention he might go away madder than he already is.

He is head of the "contrarian sports mediot group" and for some reason that helps his longevity.... could never figure out why that happens, but for some reason it does..


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Borges probably copied that from a bspn piece.

In all seriousness, He's adapated to the new media style of being a troll, just like Felger and so many others. He says something inflammatory so people will get upset and read more. I just ignore that type of media.

Adapted? He invented it.


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The question I ponder is if he had been that player, stuck to his responsibilities, didn’t let Lynch break free on a simple curl in XLIX, would he still be here instead of Hightower?

His fate was sealed when he gave Manning (and the Donkeys) two touchdowns by getting burned (twice) by the 2nd string TE in the 2015 AFCCG

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Almost every big personnel move the past 10 years have been cost driven. Seymour, Collins and Jones were all in a position to break the bank and the Pats determined that their skills were not worth the expected costs and used the picks or savings to sign other players (Wilfork, Solder, Thuney) add depth or positions of need. The Pats success during this era of a hard cap is one of the things that makes this run so impressive. Moves must be made on multiple levels and if Borges does not mention this aspect (did not read the article) then whatever he wrote is meaningless.

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