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captain stone

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Armed with this information as I'm fairly sure he was (or at least should have been), Bill still decides to hire the HC of the dead-last team in that category, then trade UP to draft a one-trick-pony beanpole instead of an actual well-rounded, NFL-caliber WR... Chess v Checkers amirite?

captain stone

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Oh really. Let's refresh your last memory shall we; this is what i remember.
And I quote "a Buffalo barrage". Buffalo's O-line Dominated the Patriots D-line, full stop. Buffalo rushed for 174 yards (6.0 per carry) and passed for 308 (12.6 per catch). Lots of lanes, lots of time.
Lawrence Guy
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Davon Godchaux

DMac should've knocked Josh Allen into next week on the second play shown here.


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DMac should've knocked Josh Allen into next week on the second play shown here.
Dmac is the least of my concerns on that play lol. Judon showed he isn't great in space. Joejuan Williams is easily blocked and offers no help in run support despite the fact he is one of the biggest corners around. Joejuan's lack of physicality annoys me more than his speed. The biggest offender is BENTLEY. Josh is not Lamar Jackson. A lb with decent speed catches him around the 50/55 yard mark, but he cruises past Bentley for an extra 20 yards and that is my problem with our defense. That lack of speed shows up when we play zone and all the yards dump offs get that other teams with smaller lb don't allow.

I think this game is the reason why we drafted so many slot corners. Isiah Mckenzie is singlehandedly the reason Myles Bryant's career may be over.