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Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score: Week 11 - NE vs NYJ

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Seems like every year the jets play one super close game where they make a heart breaking wtf mistake to just barely lose, then the other game they throw tons of picks and get blown the f out. Wilson already had the tons of picks game and the back breaking roughing the passer call, but it was close, so is this the game they get destroyed or the super close one? One D or ST TD and 3 Nick folk FGs give the pats firm control of their destiny.

Patriots 26
Disgustingly vile green sewer filth 17

Mike the Brit

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Have the Pats turned the corner? No sign of it from the putrid offense against the Clots, but this is the J-E-T-E, so the heck with it:


Patriots 30

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Zach Wilson is going to have his coming out party vs. the Patriots....5TD's...we only manage to score two figgies in the 3rd quarter before Zappe leads a garbage time TD drive to end the game.

35-13 Jets