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AFC Divisional: We're on to the Chargers (Beat LA!)

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This is not necessarily the game we wanted, but Chargers it is. I am hoping back-to-back weeks of travel to the east coast and cold weather (low 30s/high 20s) will help us. The Chargers are now 9-1 on the road, with their only loss being against the Rams, which really doesn't count as a road game. They are road warriors for sure. With that said, bring on Rivers!

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Looks like some cold, but no wind or precip.


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Melvin Gordon is one of the best RBs in the NFL. We can’t let him run wild. They have a good passing attack but that’s one of our strengths. Gilmore is gonna earn his all pro designation covering Allen, what a matchup.

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TE Hunter Henry will be back for this game.


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Biggest differential between the two teams is in crunch time mentality. They are complete opposites. As long as LAC don't somehow run away early there's a good chance they'll bungle it in the end.
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