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AFC Divisional: We're on to the Chargers (Beat LA!)

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Im sure hes looking like oh thats nice look at that pool. Love that view.
Angry BB comes over Brian what did you say.
I said we need to be more precise in what we do were playing like fools.
700 grand I wonder if theyd settle for 650.
Mccourty coach did you just call 650 all out blitz on the goal line.
Umm yeah yeah I did.
Touchdown Chargers
Ooh this one has a HOA and is gated
What did you say coach?
I said were playing like were DOA and I hate it!


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We do seem to show up for the tougher games which has been true in this years regular season as well. The only two losses on that list were the denver games where the team was decimated with injuries both times. Good sign heading into today and hopefully next week at kc, we should have laser focus which has been missing in the losses to weaker teams this year. Hoping to see less unforced penalties and turnovers.

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