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A Non Patriots Fan Put Together An Amazing Video On Why The Pats Never Cheated

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Sep 12th

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Chris Stevenson

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Gotcha. Yeah changing the rules via memo is flimsy. But still most people (including the OP) think that the violation was that the filming was on the sideline, and you're saying that it was still legal to film on the sideline because a memo doesn't constitute a rule change.

I don't have a strong opinion on the technicalities but am interested to know as much as possible about it since I'm still learning new things 10 years later.

Interestingly, NOBODY in 2007 that I saw said anything about the location playing a role (i.e. I never heard the defense 'it was legal to tape from the stands'). And I read a ton about it in 2007. I wasn't on PatsFans then, but read a lot from sports media members who are usually homers and they never made the location defense. Seems like it became more prevalent the past five years.

If BB was truly guilty, he would have been "caught" in 2006, not 2007. That's the other dead giveaway, the Pats were framed.

For the Moss/Welker trades and Seau signing in 2007, Brady telling Harbaugh to "check the rule book", each are reflections of the jealousy and perceived "arrogance" from NE, when in reality, the Pats did nothing wrong.

It's actually the arrogance of the other franchises, expecting to the Pats to not try to win so much. It's so childish.

Really, the loser owners and fanbases just want any kind of harm to come to the Pats, whether it's a lie or not.

Each were triggers to get owners so enraged, they were the things sending Goodell into action.

If it's true, Moss was about to be had for a 6th rd (instead of a 4th before Al Davis stepped in), and that got out, which it clearly did, these are the kinds of things that enrage jealous fans and teams.

I remember when BB dealt for Dillon a friend of mine, simply sent me an email one morning saying "the rich get richer"...

This has been bubbling up for a long, long time.

I have to admit there was a joke video going around in 2005, that was somewhat comical, about Tedy Bruschi saving dogs from a burning car.

It was actually hilarious..It was after his stroke, recovery and comeback on 10.31.05 on MNF vs the Bills....It was right around that time. basically, people couldn't even resist mocking the Pats then, because of the drama surrounding Bruschi's situation.

The jealousy has been raging for so long, and it just trickles up and down from the owners, right on down to the fans.

Chris Stevenson

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Not all the camera-gate (I refuse to call it Spy-gate because framing IMO is very crucial; by using the word 'spy', we unconsciously give the issue a negative context even before any conversation starts) tapes were destroyed. Glazer (Fox? reporter) has at least one in his personal collection and also bragged about it in an interview.

This youtube video in which BB gave an extensive interview to CBS should have set the record straight. Or so I naively thought when I first saw this. And this realized that a good % just don't care about the truth.

As BB says, it is what it is.

OP - thanks for the video!

The problem is, not many people saw that and I also don't love how BB says 'we were wrong'.......That's a clear direct order from Goodell/Kraft there.

CBS doing it with Kraft's buddy Les Moonves waiting in the wings, is not an accident either.

Whatever. Kraft should have never bent over the sink originally. A hefty fine for BB would have been sufficient, if at all.


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If BB was truly guilty, he would have been "caught" in 2006, not 2007. That's the other dead giveaway, the Pats were framed.

The Patriots were "caught" in 2006, when a camera man was removed from the sideline during a game in Green Bay. There was no punishment handed down for that and, as far as we know, no warning was issued by the NFL. If there was one, I think the league would have brought that up when they issued the camera placement penalty in 2007.

As you noted elsewhere, the was also no punishment for the Jets when the Patriots had their camera crew removed during a playoff game that season. If you're Belichick or the Patriots front office staff, how serious do you think the 2006 memo is? Your team has a camera man removed and nothing happens. You have the camera man from another team removed and nothing happens to them, either. You've got to be thinking, if the league ever steps in, you're looking at a warning or a small fine. There were zero indications that the NFL would go nuclear over this punishment and then use it as an excuse to bludgeon you in perpetuity.

Danger Zone

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A minor quibble: the football that the Colts intercepted was not the one football reading 2 psi below 12.5. So blame the Colts for their paranoia, for their stupidity, for starting the whole mess, for lies about what went on (the player never said that the ball felt soft, for example), and for feeding crap to the media and to the NFL. But I don't think that they leaked any air out of that ball (other than a minute amount, when they illegally tested it).

The intercepted ball was tested not once but three different times, using the same pressure gauge, by refs and they obtained these values: 11.45, 11.35 and 11.75 psi. Right in the range where it should have been, given the temperature. This testing was separate from that on the other footballs.

But look at the range of those readings: 11.45, 11.35 and 11.75 psi. This was one of the key points that I made at the time, that the gauges were not just different from one another but they were also pretty crappy gauges that gave variable results.

Is a reading of 11.35 different from 11.75? In this context, obviously not, since they are both measurements that made on the same football by the same person! There is clearly some inherent variability / error in the measurement: the “error bar” for any pressure gauge reading was quite high, and at least 0.4 psi! Yes they make grandiose cheating allegations on differences far far smaller than the error bar. Make no mistake, the readings as a whole were entirely within experimental error of where they should have been, considering the temperature.


0.4 psi kept coming up in that investigation.

0.4 psi was the difference in default calibration between the 2 gauges the refs used to measure the Patriot footballs pregame and after the game

0.4 psi was the plus or minus variable the Patriot footballs were set to during pregame because they don't know which gauge the refs used

0.4 psi was the overall difference between the highest reading and the lowest reading the Colts made in measuring the football they intercepted

0.4 psi is the averaged amount the NFL says is unaccounted for by weather in the Patriot footballs


Pro Bowl Player
That's well done

Of course if there's an allegation of deflating footballs, the first thing one should have to show is that the footballs were deflated - and of course they weren't

Yet some persist that the whole 90 seconds in a bathroom somehow supercedes the fact that the footballs WERE NOT DEFLATED

Well if anyone is wondering WHY someone responsible for the QBs game balls wouldn't let them out of his sight for even a few seconds, exhibit A is Eli Manning's own football "deflators" themselves, saying the NEVER let the footballs out of THEIR sight either

Turning Eli Manning's footballs into 'precious jewels'


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Did anyone see the moron on with Tanguay on earlier? He said Bruschi was barking out the plays before they ran them. Uh, isn't that what film study is for? Belichick is playing grand master chess while these other morons are playing chutes and ladders.


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I've come to the conclusion that the widespread belief that the Patriots are cheating and getting away with it, that the refs and the league are in on it or powerless to stop it, are an actual competitive advantage for the Pats. Opponents get so caught up in paranoia and derailed by the first "bad" call, they expend energy and focus away from what might actually help them win. How much of an advantage? I don't know. Maybe 3-7 points per game? If this is true then all the annoying asshats bleating about a Patriots conspiracy are ironically helping us win.


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Did anyone see the moron on with Tanguay on earlier? He said Bruschi was barking out the plays before they ran them. Uh, isn't that what film study is for? Belichick is playing grand master chess while these other morons are playing chutes and ladders.

Yes and it's the same great coaching that resulted in a perfect example of doing your homework, the Malcolm Butler interception play



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I surprised the NFL hasnt made Youtube take this down on some bull crap copyright infringement
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