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A few "idle thoughts"

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Sep 12th

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Ochmed Jones

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Stafford. Every SAYS he’s a VG qb, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Perhaps it’s better to say “Stafford has the physical tools NFL people become enamoured with, but is a loser”. Stats are for losers. Like Stafford.

Stafford can not carry a team like Brady or Manning can. He must have a superior run game and help from the defense!


This is why I prefer a desktop or laptop over a phone.

(Unless these are acronyms that I am not yet aware of.)
I think TBF is "to be fair" and then "thr" was just a typo and should have been "the". I'm trying to be hip and stay in the know...LOL...although for the most part, I'm usually failing pretty miserably there ;)

n6249c Supporter Supporter
I agree with point 4. Watson was playing out of his mind.
I disagree with point 4. No way I want to see Michel touch the ball on third and short. Harris or White are the only good choices now that Burkhead is out.