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2022 QB Carousel Predictions

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Bumping this one up cause it looks like we have another QB carousel this offseason.

How I did a year ago...
Teams that might (or might not) be looking for a QB and where they might end up...I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. Speculate away

Jets- Darnold ❌
GB- Rodgers ✔️
Jaguars - Lawrence ✔️
Dolphins- Watson ❌
Colts- Stafford ❌
Texans- Fields ❌
Broncos- Tua ❌
Washington-Cam ❌
Lions- Wilson ❌
Bears-Trubisky ❌
Steelers - Ben ✔️
Cowboys - Dak ✔️
Saints- Winston ✔️
49ers- Lance ✔️
Falcons- Ryan ✔️
Eagles - Wentz ❌
Patriots- Jimmy ❌

Guess I missed Mac Jones for some reason. Probably would have said Pats backing up JG

For 2022:

Steelers - Rodgers
Packers - R. Wilson
Jets - Z. Wilson
Dolphins - Watson
49ers - Lance (named starter)
Falcons - Ryan for one more year
Bucs - Brady
Browns - Cousins. Mayfield is definitely on the hot seat
Raiders - Carr
Texans - Mills
Broncos - Jimmy
Panthers - draft pick to back up Darnold for now
Giants - D. Jones
Lions - draft pick. I think Goff's seat is warm.
Seahawks - Hurts
Eagles - Winston
Saints - Tua
Patriots - Mac Jones. He's not getting traded don't listen to Cowherd
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Steelers - Watson
Packers - Rogers (MAYBE Dolphins or 49ers for 1 or 2 years)
Dolphins - Tua
49ers - Lance
Bucs - Brady (although I think there's a 60% chance he surprise retires. if so, they grab Jimmy)
Broncos - draft (Pickett?)
Lions - Goff
Seabirds - Wilson stays
Eagles - Hurts stays
Saints - Winston (gets a full season with new HC to prove)
Patriots - Mac is here the next 10 years.


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This Tampa writer lists several possibilities for the Bucs; he doesn't list a favorite but does seem to lean towards Carson Wentz. The other Tampa Bay quarterbacks are veteran Blaine Gabbert (who will become a free agent in March) and second-year QB Kyle Trask (2nd round pick of the 2021 draft).

A CBS sportswriter lists Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, Ryan Tannehill, Jimmy Garoppolo, and - get this - Andrew Luck!!!, in that order.

Here is somebody that considers Derek Carr to be the favorite, followed by Bridgewater, Gardner Minshew, Trask/Gabbert, Rodgers and Drew Lock.

And this guy is leaning towards Teddy Bridgwater.