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Alamo's Predict The Score 2022 Alamo's Predict the Score Contest: Week 17: NE vs MIA

irishfanatic Supporter Supporter
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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
other crowd 21


I Augustus

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2019 Weekly Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Patricia's Patriots 19
Reeking Mammals 17

Such a beautiful day to be spoiled by a putrid offense.

PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Pats 24
Fins 20

That's four TDs the last-week way or three TDs and a field goal the normal way.


Pro Bowl Player
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Fish 23-17 Pats

sturmrider Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I did it again another senior moment in my reply I wrote Pats 23 Miami 20 using the sliders I once again thought the Pats were the top slider and made it Miami 22 Pats 20. I couldn't even get that right my senior moments are catching up to me. I thought I was going to be close this week. It's funny I am just having problems wrapping my mind around these sliders I knew as you aged you would go downhill, but this fast. AAAH
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