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2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

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Dec 6th

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Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
Cousin, You are not wrong but lets do the sampling now not fifteen years ago. Things change.
For those in charge of the Pats Draft like Monte and Nick C who are gone, those were the most recent purveyors of talent.....or not in this case. . Even a sampling ten years ago brought us No Choice in 2009, D Mac in 2010 and Nate Solder in 2011. Still trade Nate and Devin for Wilson.....yep.
DW Toys
You're trading for picks. You're not trading for players, so don't name players. Furthermore, Mayo/McCourty/Solder would be the 3 there. Or you could sub out Mayo and put in Hightower. Solder/Hightower/Jones would be another option.

But, just like JAG was traded for a 2nd round pick, and not for what was made out of that 2nd round pick, this would be a trade for picks, not for what might get done after the picks are given.


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Maybe if you read what is said, you'd have less of an issue. No where in my post did I say that the offer was only the 8th overall pick for Watson. I said you were assuming they wouldn't be getting the 8th overall pick. Whenever I've heard that phrase, it usually means the pick is in ADDITION to what's been talked about. The deal that's been talked about (not necessarily the what the Panthers have offered) would send McCaffery, the 8th pick this year, and a 1st round in 2022 for Watson. So, it wouldn't JUST be the 4th or 5th best QB for Watson. Also, how can you typify it and say that the 8th overall would end up being the 4th or 5th best when you have no way of telling how they'll pan out at this point??

Also, it's a HUGE assumption on your part that Bridgewater was mentioned at all as part of Carolina's deal. Why would you think that Carolina would include him? Just because that's how it would work in Madden doesn't mean that's what works IRL. Houston could care less about Carolina's cap issues. And since they are dealing from a place of strength, they don't have to take another teams junk to get a deal done. If I'm Houston, there's no way I want Bridgewater included in the deal.

That’s not even enough. Really? 2 first rounders and McCaffery. Those picks wouldn’t even have value if the panthers go 9-7 or 8-8.


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This seems like a terrible idea, but technically they can get under the cap just by restructuring their top 5 or 6 players without cutting anybody else.
A restructure wouldn’t even put them under the cap. They need money for their draft picks.


Pats, B's, Sox Supporter
Why does "it usually means the pick is in ADDITION to"? Because that helps your 180 degree about face? Is there some national standard that defines that? The National Institute of Measurement and NFL Statistics? Dude, don't go all @Ring 6 on me, and just admit you mistyped. It will be so much easier on both of us.
It usually means "the pick is in addition to" because that's how English works. So, no, I didn't do any about face on anything. You clearly couldn't be bothered to read what was actually posted. YOU are the one going all @Ring 6 here. But go ahead and try to claim otherwise. It's what @Ring 6 aka "AndyJohnson" in known for.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
I think once they set the salary cap, we are going to see a lot of teams dump some decent to good players with big cap numbers. I think teams are waiting on a lot of players hoping the expected cap of $180-185 million will somehow be higher. This is a good year to be in the Patriots' position of being one of the haves in terms of cap dollars.


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2021 Patriots Offseason Preview

My goal with the Offseason Preview series is to get caught up with each team’s 53-man roster, offensive and defensive schemes, team needs, and offseason capital within a 10-minute read. The basics will be at the top -- cap space, draft picks, cut candidates, notable departures -- and the film and analytics takes will be at the bottom. I hope to write these in a way that they’re referenceable throughout not just free agency and the NFL Draft, but also the 2021 season as we look into weekly matchups. The offseason is the time for me to get outside of our fantasy football bubble and learn more about what’s going on at the other positions.


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Seems like every offseason after a team wins the super bowl all think think pieces come out about how X team is a potential dynasty in the making. Here we are 3 years after the Eagles won their first super bowl their franchise QB, super bowl MVP, star TE, head coach, and starting receivers are all gone.
Don't look now but other than HC I think we're in the same boat.


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Don't look now but other than HC I think we're in the same boat.
sad don't forget GIF by Hide The Pain Harold
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