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2020 season prediction

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First let me say I hate the new playoff format. Okay, moving on.


Bills 11-5
Pats 9-7 (Decided to bring them down from 10-6 to 9-7)
Dolphins 6-10
Jets 5-11


Ravens 12-4
Steelers 10-6 (Having Ben will look old-ish this year.)
Brown 6-10
Bengals 3-13 )


Titans 10-6
Colts 9-7
Texans 8-8
Jaguars 6-10


Chiefs 13-3 (they will sleep walk in this division but have a few tough gamer here and there)
Oakland 6-10
Broncos 6-10
Charger 4-12


Dallas 10-6 (A lot of close games were blown last year. This will be a bit of a balancing out year)
Eagles 10-6
Giants 5-11
Redskins(yeah I said it!) 2-14


Packers 11-5 (Easy schedule mostly outside of a few games but overachieved last year)
Vikings 10-6
Lions 9-7
Bears 5-11


Bucs 13-3 (I think they will surprise this year with their D)
Saints 12-4
Falcons 6-10
Panthers 4-12


Seahawks 11-5
49ers 10-6 (super bowl hang over)
Cardinals 7-9
Rams 7-9

MVP - Lamar Jackson, DPOY Mack, OROY Edwards-Halaire, DROY Chase Young

AFC playoffs #1 Chiefs #2 Ravens #3 Bills #4 Titans #5 Steelers #6 Pats #7 Colts

#2 Ravens over #7 Colts, #6 Pats over #3 Bills, #5 Steelers over #4 Titans

#1 Chiefs over #6 Pats :( #2 Ravens over #5 Steelers

#1 Chiefs over #2 Ravens

NFC playoffs #1 Bucs, #2 Seahawks #3 Packers #4 Cowboys #5 Saints #6 Vikings #7 Eagles

#2 Seahawks over #7 Eagles, #6 Vikings over #3 Packers, #5 Saints over #4 Cowboys

#1 Bucs over #6 Vikings, #2 Seahawks over #5 Saints(upset pick, also HOF helps.)

#1 Bucs over #2 Seahawks

SB - Bucs over Chiefs in a fantastic game. SB MVP is Evans
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I was thinking 8 or 9 wins. Billy and the defense will keep it above a sub .500, but I dont think Cams gonna hold it together a whole season, the offense will struggle.


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Hate to say this, but I agree with those that say we’ll be lucky to win 8. Not much to be hopeful about on offense. Pretty substandard at WR, QB, and TE. While the starting OL looks good outside of RT, no depth there I’d want to use anytime soon. On D, I think the LB corps is going to be a fatal flaw. Not enough playmakers in there. The deep DL will help BB maybe craft a D that utilizes more linemen, but I still don’t think the front 7 are going to be anything to write home about. Meh - a pretty mediocre team in most areas...


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After Cam signed on I was optimistic about ending up somewhere between 10-12 wins. But since then what seemed like an elite defense has now more the looks of a very good defense (top3 -> top8) which adds a lot more variance.

If we stay healthy I think we have a good chance to end up with a 10-6 record and a playoff berth. If there are key injures, especially around LBs, OL or DL then this might flip into 8-8 territory. Newton getting injured might even put it below.

In general I expect the defense to carry us to wins against the Dolphins, Raiders and Broncos while the offense will take its time to put things together and start to gel -- after the BYE -- against the 49ers and @Bills. Both games will still be pretty tight and might be lost but I think we will start looking more balanced as the season goes on and might end it on a pretty long winning streak.


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Not convinced there will be a 16 game schedule this year but if there is... I’ll stick with 9 wins and possibly another AFC East title for the Pats.

Could make a playoff run but gotta stay healthy especially Cam.


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I think you overestimate these two teams :

I don’t think Brady, nor (especially) Allen are enough to lead their teams to, respectively, 13 & 11 wins. Might not happen, but I’d not be shocked to see TB lose three within their division (both games to NO and one of the 4 other games).


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Division winners:
AFC East: NE. Buffalo sucks and they will not win the division as long as Cam plays. Division winner won't win more than 10 games though.
AFC North: Baltimore
AFC South: Texans (and I don't feel confidant at all about it)
AFC West: Chiefs (Easiest pick)

NFC East: Philly.....again. How many times has Philly fell into a division title because Dallas implodes? Amazing.
NFC North: Packers
NFC South: Bucs. They will come out like the '99 Rams. Brady looks very in sync already with a lot of guys. Says a lot about last year.
NFC West: 49ers.

AFCCG: Chiefs over Ravens. This could be the next big rivalry.
NFCCG: Bucs over 49ers. Lynch and Shanahan face their worst nightmare going up against the guy they rejected this off season. 9ers secondary gets overwhelmed by the Bucs passing attack.

Super Bowl: Bucs over Chiefs. Bucs win in shootout and Tom wins #7.
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I think you overestimate these two teams :

I don’t think Brady, nor (especially) Allen are enough to lead their teams to, respectively, 13 & 11 wins. Might not happen, but I’d not be shocked to see TB lose three within their division (both games to NO and one of the 4 other games).

I think Buf goes 5-1 in the division which means they only need to go 6-4 the rest of the way, and their schedule isn't too hard. As for Tampa, I've looked into their D and I think it will be fairly legit. Could be wrong. But they are loaded with talent in any case. I think people are underestimating how talented they are. I count 7 pro bowlers. The only reason I think they might do 12-4 or even 11-5 is if the FG kicker ruins it for them.

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There's a lot of love for TB in this thread. At some point, the man will indeed be all of his 43 years. I think there's a good chance he gets them to the NFCCG. Like Montana drew Marcus Allen to KC, Brady drew Gronk. I think asking him to get #7 is a tall order. I know every time someone has bet against him, he comes out on top (mostly). I question whether or not he can stay healthy at this age.

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I'm not smart enough to predict other teams and probably not smart enough to be trying to predict a Brady- and Gronk-less Pats with key players sitting out the season for health/Covid reasons.

That said, I'll be delighted with 10 wins but think they'll go 9--7. I doubt Cam will last the whole season but I just can't bring myself to say the Pats are an 8--8 team after the last 19 seasons.

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10-6 with losses to the Bills, Chiefs, 49ers and Ravens, plus two "upsets," like one of the Chargers/Rams games. The offense is better than expected and the defense is not as good as expected.

Brady get injured mid-season and tries to play through it. He's still above average but age and injury catch up to him and Tampa loses in the Wild Card.


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To me it looks like the Pats bled defensive talent since last year, and did nothing substantive to fix the lack of offensive weapons from last year either.

Even if 2020 Cam > 2020 Tom, it feels like a net decline overall from a 2019 that was already disappointing.


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People picking PHI over DAL are most likely forgetting that DAL no longer has “The Clapper” defiling their sideline. McCarthy isn’t a great coach, but is most certainly head and shoulders above Garrett; also much more assertive. With that being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if PHI wins the division either.


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vs. MIA: Win. Flores is a good coach but Miami still isn't that good yet. We should be able to beat Fitz with our defense.
@SEA: Loss. Russell Wilson is one of the best QBs in the league right now.
vs. LV: Win. Derek Carr is still their QB1.
@KC: Loss.
vs. DEN: Win. Drew Lock is QB1.
vs. SF: Loss. Their defense is still going to be good, and Jimmy is a good QB.
@BUF: Loss. BUF is a good team. We will win the one later in the season.
@NYJ: Win. NYJ is a dumpster fire.
vs. BAL: Loss.
@HOU: Win. Belichick dominates BOB.
vs. AZ: Win. Although it remains to be seen how big of a jump Kyler Murray makes. This could be a loss.
@LAC: Win. No one is scared of Tyrod Taylor or Justin Herbert.
@LAR: Win. Their offensive line isn't good and our DBs can shut down their WRs.
@Mia: Loss. Annual loss to the Dolphins seems to be tradition.
vs. BUF: Win.
vs. NYJ: Win.

This may be overly optimistic, but I believe Cam is fully healthy, and our defense is still a top-5 unit despite losing Hightower, KVN, and Chung.

In addition, the only two teams that are clearly better than the Patriots in the AFC are KC and Baltimore.


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vs. MIA: W
@ SEA: L
vs. LV: W
@ KC: L
vs. DEN: W
vs. SF: W
@ BUF: L
@ NYJ: W
vs. BAL: L
@ HOU: L
vs. AZ: W
@ LAC: W
@ LAR: W
@ Mia: L
vs. BUF: W
vs. NYJ: W

I've got 10-6, winning the AFCE on tiebreakers. The SF game is a toss up for me. I feel like the SB hangover will be real there, but it's hard to say. That game against BUF in late December will be pretty important.

AFC Playoffs (I hate the new playoff format)
Kansas City - Bye

Wild Card
Baltimore vs. Houston - BAL
New England vs. Buffalo - NE
Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh - TEN

Divisional Round
Kansas City vs. Tennessee - KC
Baltimore vs. New England - BAL

AFC Championship
Kansas City vs. Baltimore - BAL

Super Bowl
Baltimore vs. Seattle (kill me) - BAL (ugh...)
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