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I like.


The Bills. Hopefully, (for them) Indy put a scare into Buffalo. They need to play much better and hope for bone chilling weather. The Ravens are thugs and deserve to lose.

The Chiefs. The Steelers win in Pittsburgh was the Cleveland Super Bowl. The Browns go from a team rift with problems to an opponent not as proficient as last season, but hitting on all cylinders when needed. A 28 - 0 lead is not safe vs KC. They can hang 14 points on your defense in a few plays. No exaggeration because they have done it.

Bills vs Chiefs needs to happen anyway. Allen vs Mahomes to settle the question is Josh Allen the real deal and a guy who takes your team on his back to the next level.


Tom Brady. The Saints were not impressive whatsoever vs Chicago. I do not like a team who is playing an opponent a 3rd time in the same season. The Saints are lined up for the hat trick shutout. They will be favored. They will get all the pub how NO has Bradys number. The Bucs will be moving on and not to the golf course like Payton and Brees.

The Packers. Rams played great vs Seattle who aisa dumpster fire and the Packers have found their mojo. West coast teams going East usually struggle.

Brady vs Rodgers would be a heck of a game. GOAT vs the BOAT. GB fans refer to Rodgers as the "best of all time."

Some I agree with you others I don't. I want the Bills to beat the Ravens, just for the Bills fans they sit out in the cold so much, they need a win. Plus, the Bills, are in the Pats' division. I feel both the Bills or Ravens will make for a good game against KC. KC wins it all in the AFC.

In the NFC I want Brees, NO to beat Brady TB, A Three-Peat this season and POs.

Then I want Rodgers to beat the Rams.

Then Rodgers vs Brees would be the game of Veterans.

So I guess the only disagreement is the TB vs NO game. Go NO and Brees.