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  1. Tottie

    The Perfect Fit - 4 Teams Desperate For A QB and 4 Top Picks In The Draft

    Looking at the contracts given out this free agency I don't think BB is going to give away everything to draft a QB this year. He didn't hand out a bunch of 1 year deals, he handed our real contracts. He has next year to do it too. Cam is hot garbage so I'm sure he has many ideas on how to...
  2. Tottie

    2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

    What a fun day! I always thought superbowls were the best but maybe Miami and company were right..winning the offseason is the real deal. Bill flexing today!
  3. Tottie

    Tiger Woods Injured in Car Crash

    Thanks for putting things in bold so I don't have to read the rest. If you are going to say that I misquoted you we are done here. You said it's an 'easy call' and that's more than comparable to 'not close'. I have no interest in reading the rest. There is no discussion. If you said it's...
  4. Tottie

    Tiger Woods Injured in Car Crash

    Sorry but that entire post has nothing to do with anything. Your last paragraph is putting words in my mouth and reminds me of trolls you constantly battled on here. You said it's NOT CLOSE. That's complete BS. If you own up to that the rest can be negotiated but until then your posts on...
  5. Tottie

    Tiger Woods Injured in Car Crash

    Sorry bro, I agree with most of your posts but saying it's an 'easy call' to make Jack the best is dubious at BEST. I don't actually care who guys want to crown the best, both are great, but both are worthy. Tiger has more PGA Tour wins overall and 3 less majors. That's not a HUGE gap. 2nd...
  6. Tottie

    Cam Overreacts to Kid's Criticism

    Cam was more than appropriate. That kid could of been removed from the camp. It's a kids camp dude, enjoy yourself instead of trying to be a social media warrior.
  7. Tottie

    Belichick criticism mega-thread

    Please. At half time a cat could of been inserted at DB and done a better job. Please post where you read that and either way, you put him in if your the coach after getting torched for half a game.
  8. Tottie

    Charlie Weis beating the "Patriots should draft Mac Jones" drum

    This and more than that, will you even be able to get him at 15 or will you have to give up other assets to move up? GMs do crazy things to get QBs ie Trubinsky.
  9. Tottie

    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Good point on those young kids, but even they are more Rodgers type players than Manning/Brady. They can run to escape the pressure.
  10. Tottie

    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Good points. I also wonder how the narrative will chance when all the pocket passers are gone. Brees is on his way out and Brady surely in the next few years. Manning is already gone. Fans won't know the difference when these different QBs are all non pocket players. Someone has to win...
  11. Tottie

    [Old 2020 thread] NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Has Gilmore indicated if he'll ask for a new deal yet? I'm wondering why people are so quick to unload him for a 3rd round pick. Njoku seems like he wouldn't last a week working for BB and Gilmore is basically our best player. Maybe a 2nd rounder we unload him? Probably no one will do that...
  12. Tottie

    [Old 2020 thread] NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    I'm not going to compare him to Tom, but obviously the lack of talent hurt Cam. He wasn't good either though but the replacements we have available may not be much better. Hopefully it's resolved no later than the draft so guys can get to work because with the extra game, weaker schedule and...
  13. Tottie

    Asante goes off on Bill/Pats organization

    The guy is bobbing his head and talking like he's high out of his mind. I can't even watch it. Whatever he said may be true or half truth but you don't go out and do this.
  14. Tottie

    [Old 2020 thread] NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    He's more athletic at this point but if the end result is the same I just don't know. if you have to give up draft capital and pay him more to miss the playoffs it would be a shame. I don't think either can run the traditional NE offense but I'm no expert. I can't wait for free agency to...
  15. Tottie

    [Old 2020 thread] NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Haven't read much because this thread has already turned into something else, but I'd rather keep Cam than get Mariota. Will either give us the playoffs? If not then at least the guys know Cam and he's cheaper. Build the roster up and get a QB next year. Mariota's contract has a few...