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  1. Soliel

    Content Post Idle thoughts

    I love a good old defense game. I’m never bothered by if we win by one point or 58-3. Don’t matter much. It’s a win and I’ll take it. Thanks Ken.
  2. Soliel

    PostGame Thread Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Jets

    I wanted more booing. The jets should be forced to watch Mr Deeds every time they lose
  3. Soliel

    OT: Official 2021 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    These guys are fun to watch. I still hate that there was no way to keep it going
  4. Soliel

    Mac nickname

    Call eem double take or “the sequel”
  5. Soliel

    OT: Epic Troll Job By TB12

    I don’t care if he runs around with a rubber glove on his head yelling Hi I’m A Squid!
  6. Soliel

    Game Day Thread Official Post-Game Thread: Week 1 - Pats lose to Dolphins 17-16

    Yep. He is about to join Ray Lewis and Jordan Richards on my voodoo doll shelf. I actively pray for them to perish I flames
  7. Soliel

    Predict the players season stats

    I’m starting to think he’s actually Jordan Richards I’m a different uni.
  8. Soliel

    Predict the players season stats

    Mac Jones will have 5k yards passing 46 td and eleven picks. Rookie year facing Brady in the super bowl is a certainty
  9. Soliel

    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Sony Michel Trade and Mac Jones as the Starter

    I always liked him but have no issue with the trade as it makes sense
  10. Soliel

    If and when Cam Newton is named starter and captain, you will......

    Shave my head and become a Krishna, then go to the airport
  11. Soliel

    Official Week 1 Starting QB Prediction

    Didn’t Newton already have Covid? If yes then why does he need the vax? Just wondered. I do think Cam will start the year. I don’t like it but I’m not the coach. I’d be cautious with Jones also. Some hard nfl hits are bad on rookies
  12. Soliel

    Game Day Thread Official Preseason Game Day Thread- Pats @ Eagles

    About ten years or so, I might not be as exasperated about last year.
  13. Soliel

    Game Day Thread Official Preseason Game Day Thread- Pats @ Eagles

    Mac looks better than cam. His passes actually reach guys.