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    Is Jonnu Smith the X factor?

    He's #3 for me on offense. #1 - Trent Brown/Isaiah Wynn - they need to stay healthy, the former for the first time since 2018, while the latter also needs to play a dam sight better than he has...whenever he was healthy enough to play at all, that is. #2 - Parker/Agholor - Mac needs what every...
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    JE11 on Garoppolo

    There's a difference - at least I feel there is - between being smart with your NFL paychecks, however long they last, and deciding whether to play the day before a game because of how that might affect your next contract in two years... We all understand that Brady's suspension was bogus...
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    JE11 on Garoppolo

    Even if his injury was to his Throwing shoulder - i.e.: the shoulder on which he & the Miami defender actually landed - what precarious situation was he really in? The dude had a Year And One-Half still remaining on his contract, for Pete's sake... If he was making business decisions that...
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    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots News 07-03, Changes At Linebacker Are Long Coming

    Truth. Horrible talent evaluation... Absolutely, UnDeniably, ****ing Horrible.
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    Celtics 2022-23

    That's because we still need Big Guys who Can play... and more than just one or two...
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    Happy July 4th weekend to my fellow PatsFans brethren and sistren!

    I remember her... Would've banged her too, back in the day
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    Happy July 4th weekend to my fellow PatsFans brethren and sistren!

    Next time try giving the CBD treats to both your dog and yourself... One of youse is bound to feel better...
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    What do we want to see at Training Camp

    Those "injuries" didn't cause the collapse... Bad Football & an out-for-blood Bills team caused it.
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    2022 OL

    I was totally on-board with the Chase Winovich pick at 77 ahead of Crosby, who I thought was more a late-3rd/early-4th-round guy... Oops...
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    Content Post Words on things I watched, read & heard II

    The doctors had to open my head recently; but it's cool because they told me they found nothing there... Ah, what was I talking about...? Glad you're feeling better!
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    Cool Link Nice breakdown of Terrance Mitchell last year

    That's a not-insignificant reason why Mitchell was nearly Mr Irrelevant of 2014; and why SloJuan should've been closer to him than to the 45th overall ****ing pick five years later.
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    Wide Receivers depth chart

    We also need a DT besides Barmore who doesn't suck.
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    Celtics 2022-23

    Well you know what can happen when you assume:
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    Celtics 2022-23

    Dude is complete ****ing rancid, less-than-****ing-useless ****ing Garbage... A total & utter Waste of Everything. ****ing sickening.