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  1. Boston Boxer

    Tell me a story about Marcus Mariota...

    I would rather draft a second tier guy like Mond
  2. Boston Boxer

    Wickersham Strikes: Belichick talked to Giants/Dolphins/Washington about coaching there in Brady standoff

    i call BS as well. First, Kraft would never let him walk and second, if he discussed coaching for one of those teams they would have been all over it and we would have heard about it.
  3. Boston Boxer

    How about a hybrid throwback logo? Pat, but just his head.

    i mentioned this in the other uniform thread...Keep the current helmet. Home uni would be the red tops and silver pants. Road uni would be the all white.
  4. Boston Boxer

    Stupid rant time: "old school" jerseys

    with all the old players from the last dynasty leaving/retiring, it might be time for a revamp of the uniform. I'm up for a Red and Silver home combo or white/white road unis
  5. Boston Boxer

    Patriots cut Edelman(Update- EDELMAN RETIRES)

    Edelman must have screwed Florio's wife because he was ranting for 2 plus hours on how Julian was a PEDs cheater and he was using this "retirement" time off to do more PEDs and heal up and play for another team. Seriously, i shut it off and went about my business and tuned back in 2 hrs later...
  6. Boston Boxer

    NEW ARTICLE: Five Patriots & NFL Things to Know 4/12

    ref JC Jackson. I hate it when pro athletes say "gotta feed the fam" when talking about their contract situation. I understand and believe everyone has the right to be paid what they are worth whether it be a businessman or pro athletes...but "gotta feed the fam" is kind of a slap in the face...
  7. Boston Boxer

    The Cooking Thread

    I made Chicken Caprese the other day and it came out really good. Stuffed chicken breasts with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomato cut in half, basil and a little garlic. Dusted them with some Italian seasoning, and drizzled with balsamic glaze (found at walmart by the ketchup/olives) and baked...
  8. Boston Boxer

    Falcons open to trading the number 4 pick.

    several articles at the time suggested it. here is one,Tom%20Brady%20on%20the%20Patriots.
  9. Boston Boxer

    MLB moving All-star game and draft out of Atlanta

    for every one Hunter Biden story there are 1000 stories about Trumps band of idiot offspring.
  10. Boston Boxer

    Last Chance

    he freelances too much, doesn't complete his assignments on the field, and is only one dimensional. Let me see if I can unearth the article from Nov when it was reported.
  11. Boston Boxer

    2021 Mock Drafts

    i agree. if that is the route i would just draft Jamie Newman
  12. Boston Boxer

    Last Chance

    Winovich is still BBs doghouse, so we will see if he can get out. I think he is a one trick pony and kind of does his own thing on the field.
  13. Boston Boxer

    Falcons open to trading the number 4 pick.

    if he doesn't go up and get a QB the fan base will start jumping out of windows
  14. Boston Boxer

    Falcons open to trading the number 4 pick.

    I agree. he has a plan and will trade up for...Justin Fields. I believe that's his guy but i think Lance is better suited to follow Cam's offense. i just don't see Lance being ready by next year. He is talented though