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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Patriots Fans' started by trondiesel, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. trondiesel

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    Just moved to the Philly area recently...any of you Philly Pats fans know of bars where one can catch the Pats games?
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    Hey there.

    I'm in the process of moving back to the Boston area, but I went to Villanova and have a good idea of the area.

    Where in Philly do you live so I can help think of a few bars for you
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  3. trondiesel

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    I live in West Philly on 49th and Baltimore but I also have a car so if there is some place particularly good to go farther away I'd be willing to check it out (though obviously closer is always nicer). Thanks a lot for the help!
  4. PatsFanJess

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    Let me preface by saying that if you can get DirectTV w/ Sun Ticket then do that. It's worth the price and makes life a lot easier.

    The best place I found was a sports bar/grille called Winner's Circle. They have locations in Edgemont and Exton. I usually went to the one in Edgemont because it was closer to Villanova. It took me 20-25 minutes (I drive fast)from my place in Bryn Mawr...which wasn't all that far from West Philly. I'd say it would be a 35+min. drive for you.
    Winner's Circle is nice because they have sound machines that you can tune into your game with to get the audio. You just go in and ask what TV the Pats game is on. You can sit at the bar or in the restaurant chairs. I loved it because it was quiet. You can watch the game in pretty much total peace. No one bothers you. Once in awhile there are other Pats fans.

    I also really liked The Bayou on Main Street in Manayunk. That's closer to you than Winner's Circle. My main draw to Bayou was the cheap booze. LOL. There's a lot of fans from other teams besides the Iggles...mostly Steelers, Giants, and Ravens fans. This is a great place to go with friends. A lot more rowdy than Winner's Circle. Manayunk rocks in general. Fun place though. No audio boxes (at least since the last time I was there).

    Those are really the only two I can whole-heartedly recommend. I have been to a couple other places that offer Sunday Ticket in the city but they sucked. Hope this helps. If I think of any other places I will be sure to post them:D
  5. trondiesel

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    Awesome, I appreciate it a lot. Unfortunately I have been unemployed for most of the summer and have only recently just started working again so I probably won't be able to get directv this year, but certainly I hope to be able to next year...I get pretty intense watching games so my preference is certainly always to be able to watch them in the comfort of my living room and scream a lot.:D

    Nevertheless, Winner's Circle sounds solid so I'm going to make the trip out there for this Sunday's game against those Jersey blabermouths.

    Also, I noticed your current location is Newton...I actually grew up there, are you from the area or did you just move there for the first time?

    Thanks again for the advice...go Pats!
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  6. PatsFanJess

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    I did. I grew up in Wellesley. My parents house is on Cedar St. about 5 minutes from Newton-Wellesley Hospital. I've always loved Newton, so I knew this is where I wanted to live after I finished school.

    Winner's Circle is great. I hope the drive isn't too long for you. Ask where the Pats/Jets game is on when you walk in and you're in business.

    Let me know how it turned out for you. Have fun! Go PATS! :D
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  7. trondiesel

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    Sorry it too me so long to reply...rough week for the Pats. I have faith they will bounce back, despite the typical gloom and doom prognostications from media and fans.

    Winner's Circle was solid. They have a nice set many TVs, its nice to be able to watch all the other games during commercials. Not too many prototypical hater Philly sports fans. The drive was 45 minutes, but it would probably take me 20 minutes at least to get to some other places in center city that people have suggested, so I don't really mind it.

    I grew up in Newton Highlands right off of Walnut St. Hopefully I will be back in the Boston area next year, but I'm applying to grad schools so obviously it will be a little out of my hands. Even if I don't I would hope to be able to get directv next year as there really is no substitute for watching the games in the comfort of your home.

    Good luck back in the Bean!
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  8. Some Pats fans are gathering each week at Smiths in Center City. On 19th between Market and Chestnut. Let me know if you would like to join! We need all the people we can get for the first round playoff showdown against the Ravens!
  9. Cobaltred

    Cobaltred Rookie

    Are people still planning to meet at Smith's this season? I'm moving to Philly to go to grad school but I gotta see my Pats!!!!
  10. Absolutely! We had an email list last year that we'll start up again soon. Email me at notreallyscottwedman (at) and I will make sure you get set up. Go Pats!!
  11. Caps2487

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    Will you guys be there this Sunday for the game vs the Cincinnati Ocho-Cinco's? I moved to the area 5 years ago for college and stayed for a job after. It would great to finally find some pats fans in Philly.
  12. Yes absolutely! Email me at notreallyscottwedman (at) for more details.

  13. tuggy24g

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    I know this is a little late on this, but I wanted to help my fellow PATS fans!!! There is supposedly a place called Smith's at 39-41 S 19th Street, Philadelphia, PA. Never been there since it is almost an hour away. Pats fans been gathering there for a while I was told. So I really do not know if it is true or not. I read this info in an artical
    Best places to watch the New England Patriots - ESPN Boston

    Also you can always come to my house and watch the game. I also live in PA and am a huge PATS fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. Hey what's up! Always great to meet another Pats fan in Philadelphia. We do indeed go to Smith's to watch the games. I was the one who posted on about it. Email me at notreallyscottwedman (at) for more details.

  15. tuggy24g

    tuggy24g Rookie

    That is sweet man. I am glade to find a place to go to watch the game with others. It sucks that I live close to 1hr away in Bucks County :(
  16. PatsFan19056

    PatsFan19056 Rookie

    Bucks County,PA fan here..looking for other Pats fans in Bucks County..
  17. carey1085

    carey1085 Rookie

    I just moved to Center City from Boston and hoping to find some fellow Pats fans to watch the games with. Let me know where if is a new place that people are getting together.
  18. tuggy24g

    tuggy24g Rookie

    I have one ticket for the Patriots vs Eagles game I love to give to a Patriots fan and not a eagles fan. 70 bucks plus shipping or meet down at the game.

  19. higgies

    higgies Rookie

    So my wife did the most wonderful/awful thing in the world and found two tickets to the Pats/Eagles game in Philly on Sunday. I have always enjoyed a Pats/Eagles game from the comfort and safety of my home. I'm a little concerned to be honest about going to the game and wearing my Pats gear.

    Anyone else going??
  20. tuggy24g

    tuggy24g Rookie

    Hell no man! There will be a ton of going down to the game that are Patriots fans. There is a group of people actually going down to tailgate. Not sure where there be yet, but there will be down there. Keep a lookout for us!!
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