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    Hey guys im new here but i read some topics about here and im excited about posting here. Anyways, do you see Patriots taking a versatile guy who can play more than one position? Sure we have the LBs who can play inside or out and those but what im talking about is

    Devin Hester: Hes very fast, very agile from Miami Hurricanes. Orgininally a corner but excelled at KR and PR with his blazing speed. Hes also played WR for the Canes. So he fits under 1 thing for now, versatility. Hes a very fast athlete who can score whenever he gets the ball. .

    Im a Hurricane fan, he would be a lot better by staying for another year and try to develope into 1 position but hes decided to go. Hes projected as early as a late 3rd and late as a 5th rounder.

    Reggie McNeal. Quarterback whos moving to WR. Very fast and can juke like the best. Im sure Bill would love to use some more trickery and a guy like him would be a very good idea to use on those type of plays. Hes hard to tackle because hes so elusive.He can go as early as a round 4..late as a early as round 5. I like him

    These arent meant to be used as early picks. Bill likes versatile players and he loves speed. Maybe 1 of them will get called by Patriots sometime between late 3 and 5.

    Post some you are interested or that might posibly have a shot with us
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    I remember hearing that quote in you sig. That's perfect. Welcome aboard. The Draft Board should be very buy this coming month, so I hope you join in.
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    hester could def be a second day pick by the pats
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    I liked McNeal in the Shrine Game, but articles since then indicate most teams see him as WR conversion and not a QB.

    Hester, doesn't bring enough to the table for BB as I see it.

    See ya in the Draft forum.

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