Ty Law-Should we ?

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  1. TruthSeeker

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    I know, I know....Post #5,673,773 on Ty Law. But with all the speculation about possibly signing him, I still remain very torn. On one hand, I think he automatically upgrades our secondary, but for the money he will get, he would HAVE TO start. That brings me to the other hand. Do we want Ty Law starting, and stunting the progress of Samual, Gay & Hobbs. ? Assante looked pretty bad in the beginning of last season, but towards the end he looked pretty good. He is vertically challenged (short), and really doesn't have the speed to make up for it, so I wouldn't mind Law starting ahead of him.

    Hobbs is also short, but has great speed and jumping ability, and I feel he is already better than Assante. So I really want him to start this year. Gay also has decent speed, and better size than both Assante & Hobbs, and played well when he had the chance to start (including the Super Bowl and Playoffs).

    I'm really torn, would the Pats be a better team with Law, I believe they will be, but at what expense ?
  2. patsox23

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    Yes. We should.
  3. Jacky Roberts

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    Of course we should. He'll make the defense that much better.
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  4. Ochmed Jones

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    If he's healthy, we should make the deal.
  5. QuiGon

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    Assuming he's healthy and can be had for reasonable money, then we absolutely should. We are better with him than without him.

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