'The Patriot Way' -Often imitated,never duplicated

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    Decent article from a KC Chiefs writer explaining why the 'Patriot Way' has been attempted by many of Belichick's students but never successful except for one student of Belichick's who totally abandoned the 'Patriot Way' and was successful with his own methods of building a team without trying to copy something that only a future HOF coach like Bill can do with success on a regular basis....Thomas Dimitoff.

    I think this premise is very true,it takes a once in a blue moon type of legend like Belichick to have a special method of continuing success and just trying to blueprint the team based on previous experience within the team as an assistant in some type of position on Bill 's team does not mean anything good will guarantee to happen on another team,in fact with the exception of Atlanta who has a great record since Dimitroff arrived,it hasn't.

    Kent Babb: It's time for Chiefs to show The Patriot Way the way out | CharlotteObserver.com
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  2. TheBostonStraggler

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    Good article.
    My suspicion about the success of the BB method is one of 'you have to be BB for it to work well'. He is a mutant in the better sense of the term. Someone who is machine like in his carrying out of the method. You see it in a dozen different big and small things: How he deals with injuries/injury report, how he says almost nothing/the same terse thing 10,000 times over, how his staff and players say almost nothing, how he deals with players and contracts, how he asks players to perform a very specific X part of the overall A-Z machine, photographs of opposition, structure of the locker room etc etc etc. It's not to say other coaches or disciples or whoever don't do/try to do this. However, BB wrings the sponge to the Nth degree to get every scinitlla of advantage in every mind numbingly conceivable area. And he does it with almost inhuman consistency. IMHO this is one of the reasons the Patriots will eke out victories that most others will not -- because that extra drop of advantage while paying a very small dividend but was still enough to make the small difference between winning and losing.

    This method isn't going to work if you don't follow it to the Nth degree. And if they didn't get that mutant BB ability? They are better off doing it the way that suits their own persona/abilities/tendencies.
  3. nabwong

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    I have to say that a lot of it is because BB is lucky to have TB. It almost always starts with the QB. Unless you're Ray Lewis.
  4. AndyJohnson

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    Belichick is a football savant who clearly has excellent managment and orientation to detail skills, and a very strong level of confidence in his instincts.
    His decisions and philosophies are not necessarily better than anyone elses, but his discipline to stick to his beliefs combined with those base skills are what makes him what he is.
    You can't learn instincts and personality from someone else. You can attempt to copy the discipline, but at its highest level, that is much easier said than done. What is left is absorbing the knowledge which gives you a leg up but is far from a guarantee of success.
  5. xlcjw72

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    Look at understand that comment but Brady is so lucky to gave bb no one saw gets l his talent bb have him confidence and a team that was a unit

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  6. Captain Cliche

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    It would be interesting to theorize how he would do w/o a Tom Brady.

    Mistake free, game magement QB with a clock killing running back and dominant D?
    Brady wasn't much more than a game manager when they won SB36.

    I always wondered how things would have been if BB had Payton Manning and the Colts had Brady. Dungy would have managed to screw it up and Polian would have dumped all his talent on offense just like they did. It amazed me to hear Polian's comments last year on how bad the Colts talent level is. I'm thinking, "This is your legacy you scumbag...you engineered this epic meltdown. You got fired because of it.". He's going on like he had nothing to do with it. He built the whole system around one player with a light-in-the pants defense that was used to working with a lead. Without Manning, the whole house of cards collapsed.

    It will be interesting to see if we ever get to the Ryan Mallet era. His skill set appears to more resemble Manning than Brady.

    The exciting thing is, the current version of the Pats looks to be potentially dominant on both sides of the ball.

    I wonder if they will have trouble getting Brady to recognize that he can go back to a more game management style if the D continues to improve.
  7. AndyJohnson

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    "Game manager" isn't a decision by a QB. It has to do with play calling, and the need to be the key to winning.
    A 'game manager QB' is just a term for a team that doesn't rely on the QB very much so his job is to just not screw up when they do.
    I don't think it is possible to win in the NFL any more with that.

    And, by the way, the only reason Brady was ever called a 'game manager' was because he was a 6th round pick so people thought he sucked, and thereby diminished what his contribution was and used that term as a politically correct, inaccurate, slap in the face.
  8. Captain Cliche

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    BB's self-effacing personality is his finest quality.

    The lack of a super ego allows him to self scout and evaluate every coach, player, and system...maximizing talent and skillset, admitting mistakes, and not letting his ego get in the way of moving on from a poor situation...be it a bad draft choice, game plan, or coach that does not fit.

    W. Edwards Deming helped rebuild Japan after WW2 with a philosophy of continuous, small improvement and transformation using statistics as a guide. Obviously BB runs the Pats based on some form of business model/ philosophy.
  9. AndyJohnson

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    He is smart, knowledgable about what he is responsible for, and never compromises his beliefs and instincts. That is an unfailing formula for success.
    It is also very difficult to copy.
  10. Captain Cliche

    Captain Cliche On the Game Day Roster

    How would you characterize Matt Castle?

    The point is BB would find a way to win games w/o a Tom Brady and has proven that.

    You may be right, the way the game now favors the offense, it may no longer be possible to win championships w/o a "franchise QB".

    Brady absolutely was a game manager early in his carrer, however, we all know his skillset was/is greater than that. BB will increase responsibility concurrent with increased competency.
  11. DaBronxPats14

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    Brady is cool under any situation faced with. Weather it's, literally weather 90 degrees to 9 degrees, snow blizzards he is so focused in and rises above everyone else. Even when Giants were so called "Stompin" us/him in 2007 SB with sacks, hurry ups, Knock downs others would crumble under that pressure, he still hit Moss and took a lead in final minutes.
    NO matter how dire or bleak a situation is, Brady is a money QB.
    Guys like Dillion, Moss, Ocho5 and now Winslow Jr (Jury's still out) buy into BB & "Patriots Way" because they realize that any baggage they have gets left behind where they came from. Comin to NE is like maturing no nonsense when "Doing Your Job" and always a great chance to win a superbowl.
    That seperates us from others.
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  12. aluminum seats

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    I don't like the article much at all, primarily because the writer doesn't define his terms. What does he think the "Patriots way" is exactly? I can't see any specifics other than the Pats' "phobia of top-5 picks."

    Talking about the various shortcomings of former Patriots' coaches has nothing to do with the "Patriot way." The article is really just a tribute to Bill Belichick, which is fine but hardly new.
  13. AndyJohnson

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    As a below average QB.

    Well, he went from 16-0 to 11-5 and out of the playoffs, so I don't know what that proved, other than Brady means a lot to the team.

    I hate labels. They are not accurate anyway. "Game manager" means not good enough to win with so you hide him and hope he doesn't crap himself when you need him.
    As far as 'franchise QB' that is very overused too.
    The QB position is more important than it has ever been. It seems unrealistic that a team can win without a QB that they can put the game in his hands and win because of it. Anything can happen, the 9ers were close last year, but it just seems like a real longshot.

    I don't know what you mean by game manager. I know he was a guy who threw it 50+ times in the Snow Bowl, and won that SB on a team that was 13th in rushing yards, 24th in rushing yards per attempt, 24th in total defense and 6th in points scored.
    So if you want to think he sucked and diminish his contribtions to that title, go ahead and annoint him 'game manager'. But that would be wrong.
  14. SVN

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    Every great coach had a great QB. Dimitroff has that adv with matt ryan. None of the other had one. The writer really doest explain what the patriot way is other than KC having lost of ex-pat castoffs.
  15. SVN

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    BB himself has said many times-The QB's job is to manage the game. I always find it strange when every media member uses this term to describe a QB as being less capable.
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