Pats/Sox One-Upmanship

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PushnPencils, May 1, 2007.

  1. PushnPencils

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    With all the talk of the Pats acquisition of Moss stealing the Sox thunder, does anyone think the boys of Fenway will work hard to counter this move by going after our friend Roger Clemens hard and heavy?

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  2. fair catch fryar

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    This whole idea is ridiculous. I highly doubt that Kraft/Pioli sit there and scheme up ways to outdo the Red Sox marketing by trading for Randy Moss. The fact that the NFL draft was happening on the same weekend as the Yanks/Red Sox is a mere coincidence that just helps sports writers make things up in order to sell papers.
  3. TomBrady'sGoat

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    what do the Sox have to counter?

    The Moss hysteria will wear down, and has no doubt been helped by the fact the Sox didn't have a game yesterday. Tomorrow there will be a Sox game to talk about and the Pats won't be heard from again until camp approaches.

    besides, the Sox could offer clemens 10M a month and it wouldn't change the fact that he isn't in game shape yet.
  4. PushnPencils

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    I wasn't saying there was any conspiring on the part of the Pats.

    I've always looked at Larry Lucchino as a guy who gets a little insecure when the spotlight moves away from the Sox.
  5. fair catch fryar

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    What do you care if the worm wiggles a little. I fit forces him to do something to promote the Red Sox then, Oh well!
  6. aabtec

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    Things will quiet down for the next 10 weeks or so. The Sox will do their thing until about until the middle of July. Then the countdown to Pats training cam will start. Wait until the players start reporting to camp. The Sox and the Globe/NY Times are going to go nuts. Wait for training camp with Brady throwing to Stallworth/Moss and AD playing on the D.

    The Sox are going to have a canary. Borges are is going to be pumping articles that will make the Pats sound classless.

    Its going to be fun listening to weei try to keep the focus on the Sox.
  7. Boston Boxer

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    i think you are all mistaken. It is not the Pats v. the Sox. It is the stupid Boston media that is creating the separation and picking sides. I will bet my paycheck that Bob Kraft is not trying to screw John Henry or visa versa. Dont let the Boston media poison your minds
  8. PATSNUTme

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