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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by maverick4, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. maverick4

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    Just came back from a night of whiskey to erase tonight's game.

    Was it just me, or did the clock keeper at the stadium screw around with the clock from the 3rd quarter on?

    I watched the game with a bunch of friends, and every time the Pats ran out of bounds after a play, I would see the clock start running several seconds afterwards, and also we noticed phantom seconds that happened to be taken off the clock after a play was over. I would roughly estimate that at least 1-2 minutes were lost due to this over the 3rd and 4th quarters. It drove all of us nuts that the announcers weren't commenting on it.

    Look, I'm not one of those homers looking for excuses. Even though the Pats dominated in total yards and time of possession, they shot themselves in the foot with the turnovers. The Broncos capitalized and played a heck of a game. The Pats lost fair and square to a great Broncos team.

    My point is, did anyone else notice the screwy clock from the mid-3rd quarter on, and is there anything we can do about it? Can anyone else confirm this, or am I just crazy? I refuse to believe that nobody else noticed this.

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  2. letekro

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    For the 1,357,456th time, clock only stops on out of bounds plays in the last two minutes of the first half and the last five minutes of the 4th quarter.
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