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    From MMQB
    3M less? No way. Colvin's deal at the time was about 90% of the max he could have received.

    The Lions at the time were offering a 5-year deal worth $ 23.5 million with a large signing bonus.

    He signed for Six years, $25 million, $6 million.

    4.7 vs 4.1 isn't 3M/year and they gave him an extra year of security to make up for it.

    I usually like King but that is ESPNish reporting.
  2. BelichickFan

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    You're right. Colvin maybe didn't get the absolute top he could have gotten but he got a very big deal. Certainly 90% of what he'd have gotten, I believe.
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    when i read that, i was skeptical of those numbers.
  4. SeanBruschi54

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    Yea your right King. The Patriots arnt known for paying a player ape**** money. We'll offer him 6 mill a year and some other team will offer him 9 right?

    Good luck to the team that just throws money out the window.

    I hate the media.
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    King is over stating any difference, a $3M per year difference is not based in reality.

    The interesting thing is that King is close to Thomas, I believe he wrote a book about him. If Thomas is going to try and get the top dollar, scratch him off the Patriots list.
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    When Rosevelt Colvin was signed by the Pats in March 2003, Len Pasquarelli

    wrote an article which stated that Colvin's contract was about the going

    rate for a good linebacker. Nothing special.

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