Jets with the huge overpay on Revis...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patsox23, Aug 18, 2007.

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  2. PatsWickedPissah

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    Disable Jersey

    G'bye Asante!
  3. italia44

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    way to go!

    I posted this on Jets Insider because no Jet's fan dared to.

    They're just so delusional over there and half their threads are Patriot's obsessive.

    ....penis envy lives on:rocker:
  4. BelichickFan

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    If we choose to he has no option but to be here for this year and next - or sit at home - so it's not that relevant.
  5. psychoPat

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    I jest luv it ...
    when div rivals blow cap space
    overpaying names or run-of-the-mill "stars"!
    Makes the rest of their rosters

    But, really!
    Don't you Italians think of anything else?
  6. italia44

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    Can't watch Soprano's reruns,all the time..

    ...can I?:rocker:
  7. fgssand

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    I do not agree with that at all...Yes, pay for QB and sure, no problem with Left tackle, although no need for a kings ransome.

    After that - to me it is the "D" line that is more important than any CB.
  8. Crazyeechrispats1

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    I repeat Samuel will not get a huge contract with new england, BB doesn't see corner back as a franchise position only using the tag for leverage he could still be traded.
    The pats have done great in the middle and late rounds with their secondary, where do you think Hobbs, Gay, and Samuel came from?
    Trust me on this If Samuel wants Bailey money he's going somewhere else no reason to even hope that he'll get a huge deal, if we keep him this year it's only to trade him next for another player or picks.
    PS. Revis has no chance covering Moss if that is Mangina's intentions.
  9. patsox23

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    Hey, if the conventional wisdom is that "you pay for QB, LT and CB" only, FANTASTIC for us. Once again, Belichick positions the team well - while other teams overvalue corners, we win Super Bowls with UDFA's starting and Earthwind Moreland getting serious reps. Sorry, rest of the NFL. F off.
  10. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    There's some truth to this in my opinion

    The bottom line is this: The Jets retain the right to make this a 6 year deal - in which case they will have paid Revis a ton of moolah - but if Revis isn't worth it they all go their separate ways, with the Jets having overpaid for a 4 year deal, when they've previously said they won't do 4 year deals.

    As noted the Jets caved in creating a deal reverts to a 4 year deal if Revis plays just 35% of the snaps on defense in any one season (and the fact that they caved doesn't set a good precedent for them). But it looks like the Jets retain the right to buy back the two additional years at $5 million and $11 million respecitvely - or an average of $8 million. So the Jets can make this a 6 year deal down the road - they just have to pay a ton of money to make that happen - which kindof defeats the purpose of a rookie contract as it's usually designed to be VERY cost effective for the team.

    They'd be paying him a whopping $27 million guaranteed if it comes to be - but as of today that amount is NOT guaranteed. That's an important distinction. If Revis hasn't played up to high expectations they "let" him walk after 4 years. But I - and they - would contend they wouldn't really want him at that point anyway if he hadn't played up to expectations.

    And if he's as good as they hope, they pay another $8 million average a season for years 5 and 6 - possibly reupping him to lessen the cap hit in year 6.

    So maybe this isn't the worst compromise for Mangini after all - but to me it still raises the point, on the heels of the Kendall situation, whether Mangini's (and Tannenbaum's) poor player management is going to have repercussions throughout the rest of the league.
  11. italia44

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    Go back to Jets Insider.......I know who you are over there.

    friggin' pathetic loser:bricks:
  12. TomBrady'sGoat

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    This seems pretty simple. Revis didn't want to sign for 6 years while the Jets insisted on it. Revis gave in on the years, but in return gets paid more than he otherwise would in year 5 and gets paid very well in year 6.

    He gave the Jets an extra year of control while the Jets give him more money than he would regularly make on a rookie deal. It's only a bad deal when you account for the fact that rookie deals tend to heavily favor the team (outside of the top picks).
  13. He Ban Me

    He Ban Me Banned

    I agree, thee will be no way Revis covers Moss, after all, how can you cover a WR when he's on the bench with a "tweaked" hammy??
  14. italia44

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    Who cares?

    We don't really need Moss until the AFCCG
    against San Diego and the SB against:

    "The NFC Bumf-cks"
  15. He Ban Me

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    You have just embarrassed your Patriot bretheren.
  16. PatsFan37

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    The one problem I have with this analysis is it's the kind of deal you might make with an aging vet who has already shown his worth, who is a free agent, and who might not be worth it in the latter years of a contract.

    If he turns out to be great, like pro-bowl great, he'll want more money (they always want more) and the Jets won't be negotiating from strength. If he's good but not great, a solid serviceable CB who was slightly overrated in the draft, they have a choice of letting him walk or overpaying him.

    It seems an unusually complex contract for a rookie that gives him a lot of leverage in reward for a hold-out. I don't think the Jets did themselves any favors, nor did they set a good precedent.
  17. DarrylS

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    there is a forum for you on this board, search for it, called "living in mommy's basement and playing with mr. ralphie"..
  18. PatsFanInVa

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    Looks to me like the Jets are interested enough in avoiding a holdout, that they'll give Revis a so-so veteran starter's deal as his rookie deal -- and of course, down the line they will end up with the "big payday" problem in 6 years if he IS any good (or sooner, if he decides he's "outperformed" his rookie deal.)

    So the risk is loaded on the Jets, which they accept in exchange for the convenience of having Revis available through camp to actually learn his position at the NFL level. Of course, the Jets were trying to indemnify themselves by signing Revis to 6 years - that's quite a compliment. Trouble is, well, LARRY JOHNSON.

    In other words, they bought Revis sight unseen, instead of taking the test drive that a rookie deal generally permits, and Jets fans feel it is a bargain, comparing Revis to proven stars. If Revis DOES pan out at that level, "six years" might become another holdout down the road.

    Revis might not work out. He could well become a JAG -- this does happen to rookies. If so, he turns into a guaranteed-money-pit JAG.

    But then, part of the cost of this deal is the cost of even finding out.

    It's not a gargantuan risk to pay Revis this coin. They'd have had to pay close to that amount in the first place... so they're reasoning that the additional money to Revis is acceptable, given what they feel they can deduce from tape.

    To which I say, hokayyyyyyy. Let's see how that works out for ya, NY. If he's as good as advertised, and he doesn't whine for more within that 6 years, it's a good deal. If he's not, it's a bad one.

    And the Jets are on the hook for a few mill to find out.

  19. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    I hate to say I told them so... especially as Manginibaum's incompetence is sounding like it's going to have adverse impact on the entire league - though I guess the Patriots shouldn't be picking lower than #32 for quite a few years! ;)


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