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PatsFans.com Supporter, from New Hampster!

PatsFans.com Supporter

Wicked Jacked & Pumped! Aug 3, 2014

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Viewing thread We're onto Denver, Nov 28, 2015 at 7:25 PM
    1. PatsWickedPissah
      Wicked Jacked & Pumped!
    2. Wax Frog
      Wax Frog
      My first exposure to an (admittedly mild) Mass accent in the media... [wipes wi$tful tear from eye]

      The Race Against the Mammoth Car Pt 2 - YouTube

      "My caaah, my golden caaah!" :p
    3. Wax Frog
      Wax Frog
      I've been meaning to ask for some time - are New Englanders known for pissing, and have they mastered a wicked technique for doing it? :D Yes, I'm bored :D
    4. Wax Frog
      Wax Frog
      Judging from your Ras-I thread posts, you must be in a very fine mood :D Doing me proud...
    5. Box_O_Rocks
      Double digit numbers. :rofl: Once again I find myself wishing Ian allowed reputation comments.
    6. Patjew
      Nice pics, PWP. You look like a tough bastahd!
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    New Hampster!
    Former Hi-Tech R&D guy
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    Anything dead
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    Forbidden Planet
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    on the sports pages this summer has been yet another example of distorted pseudo-science – the Deflategate scandal – an incident which would not have been an issue without defective scientific and statistical analysis by Exponent, the NFL’s technical consultants, and defective peer review by Daniel Marlow of Princeton. NFL’s suspension of Tom Brady is under appeal but the appeal will not turn on the underlying science and statistics, but on procedural issues of the CBA. But any fair-minded person ought to be repulsed (though perhaps not surprised) that the decision will rely in any way on pseudo science.".... Steve McIntyre