it hurts to say goodbye,but-----

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    We pickup David Patton upon release. We trade Branch to Philly and Graham to Bronco. That should get us a first and second round choice in next years draft and we could even send Neal to the west coast for a second rounder. That allows us to pick up a receiver plus a cornerback in the first round. The picks that are left, a future center and a blocking tightend. now depending on injuries we have a very good chance at three-in-a-row. no more contract disputes, a fully loaded team with no glaring weakness but that starts next year not now. we still have a shot this year but only if Brady and the kids click and Rodney comes back for second half of season. Dante can get one of the o-line picks to fill Neal's spot. look what he did last year. But if you can picture next year. Chad, Reche and a first rounder, with Bam and Stone filling in. Yes that means Troy Brown and David Patton will be gone but age catches up to everyone. This is an offense that is as good or better than the rest of the NFL. The rest of the decade Bill could concentrate on defensive players corners,linebackrs and d-line, plus he could go for the cream of the crop. Would like to know,what do you think?
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    might as well trade brady while we're at it...
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    I thought Owl's were suppose to be wise.:singing:
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  4. belichickaholic

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    If you were to trade Branch and Graham, you would be significantly diminishing our offense this year. They are both very productive players and with who would you replace that productivity?

    It's easy to say "trade them because we won't be able to sign them." But what about that production for this year. Personally, I'd rather they just let them play out their final years here. At least we'd get 16 games and playoffs out of them this year and challenge for another SB.

    I'm new here, but welcome to the board:)
  5. Remix 6

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    let me finish it for him.

    we trade Brady to Lions for Mike Williams and 6th round pick. and get rid of Jackson and Matt Light for Donnie Edwards.

    trade our 1st round pick and Watson for Matt Jones

    Move Hobbs to QB and we will be back i nthe SB!
  6. spacecrime

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    You whole plan is based on someone giving up a first rounder for Branch who could be a free agent in a year. If he was worth a first rounder to begin with. If Branch played for another team right now, and had one year to go, would you trade a first rounder for him?

    A second rounder for Neal is even dumber. Why not trade Gorin for another second rounder?

    While you are at it, why not trade Hochstein for a third rounder, and Asante for a first rounder. I'd let James Sanders go for a second round pick, and we could be helped by trading Koppen for a first rounder.

    This is even dumber than the thread about which vet non-FA QB should be sign.
  7. pats1

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    I've heard about giving up the present for the future, but this borders on plain maniacal.

    This originates from "Owl's" obvious twisted outlook on this season along with a complete holdout-phobia - a common condition these days from those with an extreme obsession with Patriot philosophies but who are naively trying to find the related reasoning to this past offseason.
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  8. OntarioPatsFan

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    You've got it all wrong, I think you're missing the logic here. You see we;
    -trade Cassel to GB for a 1st rounder,
    -trade Dillon to the Lions for a 1st rounder,
    -trade Beisel to the Texans for a 1st rounder,
    -trade Gay to the 49ers for a 1st rounder.
    -Then we have the top 5 picks in the draft next year and use them to draft the top 5 Kickers in the draft.

    Think of all the great plays BB could come up with when he has the 5 best kickers!
  9. Owl

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    To Cloud 34, PatsNutme, Remix 6, SpaceCrime, Pats 1, OntarioPatsFan:
    First, Belichickholic, thanks for the welcome.
    Now as to the team being decimated by these 3 moves, I can only say to the rest of you, how does your fantasy football team look? You know, the one with Bledsoe, Andruzzi, Woody, Tim Dwight, Andre Davis, Ted Washington, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, et al. Outside of Ty Law, who would double the National Debt, you can all keep these players, who when we lost them it was going to cost us all sorts of SB's. As to whether we can get 1st or 2nd round draft choices for these players, only time would tell. The idea is to package picks to get what we want. We'd also be able to pay Seymour his big bonus all this year or 1/2 this year and 1/2 next without crippling the team financially, allowing us to buy free agents in case of injury. And to all of those who relate Branch, Graham and Neal, separately or all together, on a par with Tom Brady or Richard Seymour, next time you're out in Las Vegas betting all your money on the Celtics and Bruins to win the Championship, you should give it a little more thought!
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  10. pats1

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    We all agree that the Patriots suffer 'loses' - Law, Andruzzi, Milloy, etc. - but as I said before, you're taking that philosophy/theory and stretching it to an unrealistic degree. It's all about keeping a good balance.

    The idea is to win a championship each year.

    As you can see, he isn't one who will take runs at championships by trading away picks, nor will he give up years by trading away for future picks.
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  11. VJCPatriot

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    LOL. You lost me right there when you said "how does your fantasy team look." The Pats are trying to win football games not look pretty for your fantasy league.

    Not only are these trades outlandish, they give away about half of the Pats proven offense for this year. You're basically saying, let's give up on this year and try to restock through the draft.

    This team can contend for a title NOW. So what if Branch and Graham walk away next year? There really is no time like the present.

    Does this team have some question marks on defense and offense? Sure but every team does at this time of year. It is way too soon to jump off the bridge in lemming-like fashion by packaging proven veteran players for picks.

    Football is not like the NBA or MLB at all, where players and draft picks are traded so early and often.
  12. Owl

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    To Pats 1: Regarding Pioli "he isn't one who will take runs at championships by trading away picks." Perfect example, Duane Starkes and Andre Davis, a 3rd & a 5th, when we all know we would have rather had a 5th and a beer chaser! "...nor will he give up years by trading away for future picks." Like trading a 2nd round pick to the Dolphins for their 1st round pick the following year. Vince Wilfork anyone? Believe me, I'm not trying to say "let's go burn down an orphanage." I'm merely remembering 2 things from last year. One, what John Lynch said about playing the Patriots. "We're not the least bit afraid of their running game, so let's blitz every time." And, if you recall, even with Branch and Givens there, we got thumped. Will my idea for the receivers be a drop in quality from last year's? Probably, but with Maroney and the rest of the RB's, will the RB position be stronger? Yes. And if I seem panicky about draft choices and filling out the team as much as possible by next year, it's that I know that there are players getting up in age that will need to be replaced, like Bruschi and Vrabel, and though it tears my heart apart, we all know it's going to happen. We can't always count on getting a Chad Jackson in the 2nd round so whether Deion stays for one year or leaves now, the odds are that next year in the draft we'll still need a top receiver, cornerback and linebacker. I believe the addition of Thomas and Mills will benefit Brady as far as receiving, Graham's blocking will be missed and I'll take Patten and Maroney over Branch (by the way, my wife's favorite receiver). I'm not saying we have to start building the ark, all I'm saying is let's at least fix the roof.
  13. RayClay

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    You don't trade productive players for picks, though. Picks are a gamble and conceding one season for the future is too.

    Pats are set to win this year and they are planning for the future at the same time.
  14. RayClay

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    If Koppen and Light prove healthy, I wouldn't be surprised ti see an OL traded for a pick.

    Depending on how they look in camp, of course.
  15. Flying Fungi

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    the vince wilfork pick didn't come through miami

    why are we messing with the existing roster to the Nth degree when the team is going to be highly competitive with a relatively soft schedule and a healthy amount of cap space?

    was this a real post?
  16. Michigan Dave

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    Does "it hurts to say goodbye" reference your sanity? Wow. This thread is

  17. What are you smoking? Are you serious? This is a prime example of when down time effects an individual in the off-season. I understand this has been one the most boring off-seasons not only for the Pats but for the whole NFL as well. The Pats need to desperately sign Law and Branch so we can all move on and get ready for the regular season.
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  18. Owl

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    To RayClay: Thank you for at least thinking before you replied, but you did say "You don't trade productive players for picks." As you noticed in a recent story, BB spent a day and a half picking Jimmy Johnson's brain down in Miami. If I recall, Jimmy Johnson sent a proven, highly effective RB (Herschel Walker) to Minnesota for a potfull of draft picks. Most sports writers all across the country point to this as the beginning of the Dallas Cowboys SB runs. Proven player for draft picks, what do I know?
    Flying Fungi - You said Vince Wilfork didn't come through Miami. The year before we won the SB but also obtained Miami's #1 draft pick for our 2nd round draft pick that year. How else could we have gotten the 21st pick after winning the SB? If you insist that the Easter Bunny brought Vince Wilfork to New England, far be it from me to argue with you.
    Michigan Dave - What can I say. Anybody who uses "wow" twice in one sentence would sure beat me in a battle of wits.
    Thearchives - No, I'm not smoking, and no, I'm not thinking of paying Ty Law a ton of money to come back. I'm thinking of paying Richard Seymour most, if not all, of his bonus so that its not hanging over our heads in the future and signing what looks like tremendous rookies we got through the draft. You sound as though you used to handle the cap space for the Tennessee Titans, and we know how that all turned out. It wasn't long ago when we were stuck for millions and millions in dead cap money. Let's not go back there. As far as Branch, have we all forgotten that David Givens started out an unknown, which is basically what we've got with Jackson, Childress and Stone. I say the odds are one of them will step up. From what I've seen watching Caldwell, if he stays healthy, he'll be a keeper. Also, don't be surprised if Andrews plays nickleback ahead of Gay. One more point about Graham, replay all the playoff games and SB's in your head and tell me how big a part Graham played in the redzone during those games - receiving.
  19. primetime

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    Clearly, sir, you have had a little too much to drink.
  20. I'm Ron Borges?

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    The Cowboys were the worst team in the NFL when they traded Walker to the Vikings. That comparison makes no sense at all. You know how many times a trade like that has taken place in the NFL? Once. That's why it's always talked about. Of course that was the start of the Cowboys Super Bowl runs but at the time of the trade, they were awful. Last time I checked, the Patriots aren't coming off any 3-13 seasons, and don't have a new owner, coach and a rookie quarterback. One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other and nothing you have posted so far has anything at all to do with the Patriots. Deion Branch for a 1st round draft pick? Good luck with that one.
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