Is Maroney ready to be a full time back?

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    I don't know what Corey's retirement/release will mean to us in the draft.

    I think we need to address that issue either in FA where FB,HB or RB is lean or in the Draft where once again it is weak as well.

    Maroney started off his rookie season well but got injured and hit the rookie wall and after week 9 and I beleive he did not get more than 50 yards in any game so he is surely a question mark on how good he is at this point,He may improve and may not.....

    We need to address this issue,If Maroney does not improve then once again all burden will be put on Brady and of course that means Getting a game breaking WR in this group which is highly needed as well.

    The offense is gonna need alot of work and Belichick and Pioli have alot of work to do.

    In true reality Gaffney and Caldwell are no are 2 starting Wide Receivers...I don't care what happened last year,these two starting #1 and #2 WRs would be a joke to the league....At best they are a 2nd or 3rd in and out of lineup type WRs and if we don't get a WR that make defenses stop stuffing the box it may be a long 2007 season....Get to work and open up the wallet BB and SP!!!.
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    I agree the offense needs work. While having $30 million in cap space is impressive, winning games is what its all about. The Patriots do not have a number 1 reciever and now may not have a number 1 RB. Lots of work to do.
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    He's gonna have to be the "lead back" although Faulk and a big back can prevent him from being "full time".

    Yes, I think he's ready for it although all RB are an injury waiting to happen so we'll need to bring another competent guy in.
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    Maroney is absolutely ready. He could've done it last year. His rib cartilage injury was not a result of being a rookie, it was just an unfortunate injury. I also don't AT ALL subscribe to the theory that he "hit the rookie wall." The guy was splitting carries all year. He just got injured, just like a vet could have, and it affected his play.

    Healthy, we've seen what the guy can do. He's a potential stud. Does he have stuff to work on? Sure. But that doesn't take away from a lot of great things we saw him do last season.
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    the thread asks a good question. my layman's opinion is that he needs another year of sharing the load to develop into a true number one back. if he wears down and gets injured again, it could have long term implications either physically or mentally for the guy. i hope that corey changes his mind or that they bring in someone to spell maroney.
  6. PatsFanSince74

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    i completely agree with you re the rookie wall. in fact, if you look at his post injury stats he was actually a little more productive per carry than before, but on lower utilization.

    i disagree that he's ready to be a number one (not that he doesn't have the talent!). i think he needs another year of sharing the load with somebody else and learning to run downfield rather than dance. i worry that if he wears down and gets injured again it could be a bad story.
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    Maroney hit "the wall", and by "the wall", I mean rib injury, and thus a lot of folks are forgetting that for the majority of the season, he was showing he could be a full-time back.

    Granted, he was at times hesitant to hit the hole, but on the other hand, there were times when the OL struggled to open a hole at all. Next season, I think both parties will do a better job, as apparently the OL was just starting to adopt the zone blocking scheme that fits Maroney.

    For those that are interested, prepare for some mildly misleading stats* here are Maroney's numbers when he received 15 carries or more:

    Buf - 17-86
    NYJ - 16-65
    CIN - 15-125
    MIA - 18-38
    GB - 19-82

    So, in these games, when he was the "feature back", he performed well save for Miami.

    So, 85 carries for 396 yards with a 4.65 average. Also, the team was 5-0 in these games.

    *they are misleading for the obvious reason, not only will Maroney get more carries the better he runs, but a team runs more when it's winning.
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    Not to mention the fact that if we don't get ...

    A game breaking fast Wide Receiver who fits in to the Patriots game plans.


    A running back bruiser who can help support Maroney if he fails to provide a good rushing attack.....

    Then we might as well put Brady on IR because theres no way he lasts the season with no running game and no game breaking WR,He will get killed by the blitz.
  9. holyredeemer

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    Maroney will be fine. As far as the dancing and not heading straight upfield, that can all be attributed to sharing carries, the O-line not opening up jack ****, poor offensive play calling, and of course Maroney not being more patient. ALL of those things will smooth out over another off-season and another full season together. Of all the positions I worry about most on this team during the offseason, RB is at the bottom. All we are lacking at that position is a true power back, and I feel BB will have us ready there by the start of the season.

    As far as the WR positions go, if we add one or two more serviceable guys come in we will be just fine. Thomas will have one more yr. under his belt, watson is still dependable, I really dont hold to the thory that we need a burner. We just need guys who are smart and can catch the damn ball.
    You say you dont care what happened with caldwell and gaffney last yr.? So, even though you dont care, lemme just ask u this.

    Both Gaffney and Caldwell were in their fist seasons in the patriots offense. Caldwell, his first season healthy and in the lead role. Gaffney joined midseason after no one else wanted him, but yet they both performed well for us, especially down the stretch. None of that is any indication to you that both players are bound to get better in our system?

    We'll be fine on offense next yr. Especially if we can pick up one or two OL. One Vet, and one rook is what I am hopin for. But, why are we all so worried about the offense??? Did you guys watch the Ind. VS. N.E. game in the afc championship? You know, the game where our old, slow D just laid a fat goose egg?

    Defense should be our main priority this offseason.
  10. tatepatsfan

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    Maroney will be a very good RB next year for us. I think if we add a veteran bruiser to pick up a few tough yards to save Maroney a little, plus add in Faulk for a few touches a game, and Maroney will have 1200 yards and 10 TD's.
  11. Ghost of Ben Dreith

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    Before the story on Dillon broke I was stating that we needed to draft a day 1 RB. Obviously, unless something happens in free agency I still hold to my previous opinion and in fact would go 2nd or 3rd round for the right back.

    I really don't care how "ready" Maroney is or isn't, I don't think the Pats can afford to go into the season with Maroney/Faulk/JAG at RB. The Pats are not set....they need another good back....don't care how they get him.
  12. Ice Cold Bruschi

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    I really think hes on a steven jackson track, I think they just need a cheap inside runner who can be a lock on 3rd and 2 and on the goal line
  13. Yankees/Colts

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    It's all or nothing though. He either seemingly goes for 60 or a 3 yard loss. He's always looking for the home run and not hitting the hole and sustaining drives. He puts you in 3rd and long instead of just moving the chains. That's not a great fit for the Pats offense IMO. You almost have to pair him with a Dillon type back.
  14. skaIownsIyou

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    faulk will definitely play a bigger role on 1st and 2nd down now, he had a very productive postseason
  15. BradyManny

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    1) Maroney will improve
    2) Blocking will improve

    So I don't think we need to pair him. He will be a "feature back" for the Patriots.
  16. RayClay

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    They need to tailor the running/blocking schemes to Maroney. Maybe he's more of a cutback runner than Dillon. He certainly isn't comfortable running the plays Corey was comfortable with.

    Maybe stretch plays with cutbacks are more his style.
  17. Yankees/Colts

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    I guess you will need to adjust your signature then. :)
  18. GoWhalers

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    As long as Maroney can recognize and pick up a blitzer on an NFL-caliber defense, then I don't think there's any reason he shouldn't be the full-time guy. There were no size or durability issues on him coming out of college, and I'd like to think that the Stephen Jackson comparisons are appropriate. Big + fast should equal full-time RB.

    He'll figure out the dancing/home-run problems behind the line of scrimmage, but I'd sure like to draft a bruiser of a right tackle in there to help him out.
  19. jimmyjames

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    I think you're right. I'd like to see a Brandon Jacobs type back come in and take the tough yards away from Maroney. TJ Duckett could do well in this role.
  20. salty

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    I agree. For one thing, most every successful NFL team these days is going with 2 backs sharing time, rather than one feature back. So I would really like to see the Patriots bring in another guy that could give Maroney some rest (and not just on third downs, like Faulk).

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