Chiefs fans debate trading 3rd pick overall for Matt Cassel

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Lifer, Jan 27, 2009.

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    The people over there seem to hate Matt.
    I can understand their reluctance about trading the 3rd overall pick, but when I read people saying they wouldn't give up a 3rd round pick for Matt they lose me.
  5. ALP

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    LOL, man those guys are greedy...

    when was the last time they ahd a QB almost sounds as if they have HOF waiting if they dont get one soon...LOL
  6. DarrylS

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    Not quite sure this team would want a 3rd...
  7. KontradictioN

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    So they are hoping to surround the Cassel with a third overall? That would be great for us but we all know Pioli is no idiot. Could we get a first rounder for Cassel? Probably. But not that high of a first round pick.
  8. DNR

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    Same here...can't quite grasp that mentality
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  9. Rob0729

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    If I was a Chiefs' fan, I wouldn't be all that psyched about keeping the 3rd pick. It is a bit of crap shoot and an expensive one at that. At least with Cassel, Pioli knows what he is getting. Here are some stellar top 5 picks in recent years:

    Charles Rogers (2nd)
    Dewayne Robertson (4th)

    Robert Gallery (2nd)

    Alex Smith (1st)
    Ronnie Brown (2nd) Not a bust, but nowhere good enough to be the second pick in the draft
    Braylon Edwards (3rd) Ditto
    Cedric Benson (4th)
    Cadillac Williams (5th)
    O for 5 in that draft in getting a franchise player.

    Vince Young (3rd)
    D'Brickishaw Ferguson (4th)

    JaMarcus Russell (1st)

    Too early to tell, but Glenn Dorsey and Darren McFadden were really disapointing this season. Vernon Gholston at 6 has been a disaster so far.

    So even if Cassel doesn't build on this year, he may be a safer bet than you get with the third pick.

    Granted I agree that I don't think Belichick wants the third pick and would rather get subsequent picks equalling the value of the third pick. It is too hard to trade out of the top 5 and too expensive to sign a top 5 draft pick who is a crap shoot.
  10. Lifer

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    I doubt Pioli, having learned a thing or two about the draft, will keep that #3 overall.

    People out here will moan and groan and not understand it, but i wouldnt be surprised to see him trade it down for #2 and #3 and a #1 in 2010 or something and then sign a Garcia-caliber QB. That would give the Chiefs picks #35, a 40-something, #67, and,say #80. with Pioli doing the picking thats a lot of quality.

    thats what always happens here.
  11. JoePats

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    Everyone said the same thing about Parcells last year. I don't doubt Parcells tried to trade the pick but you have to find a dance partner.
  12. Fencer

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    Here's one way that it the fact that it's Pioli could help. He could make a last minute trade-down to, say, somewhere in the 7-10 range, then turn around and flip the new pick to us for Cassell -- IF he had already come to a suitable agreement w/ Cassell about a new contract (or if he were comfortable taking on the one-year franchise deal).

    However, that scenario requires a lot of communication and trust between the Chiefs, the Pats, and Cassell's camp.
  13. mcsully

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  14. WhiZa

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    For the Chiefs it doesn't make sense. Thigpen may not be as good as Cassel, but he's serviceable. If you get rid of the #3 you're losing out on upgrading another position.

    I'm thinking Pioli draft lineman in the first round. The same way the pats started building their team.
  15. brdmaverick

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    It's funny that this is even a discussion. To think that during the preseason many here wanted him cut.
  16. Bobs My Uncle

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    I wonder if the question was posed differently - say "if the Chiefs were going to spend the 3rd overall on a rookie QB would you rather they trade that pick for Matt Cassel instead" - would the readers opinions change?
  17. AzPatsFan

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    Illminating review. But it won't change the minds of the draftniks who hoard picks like Midas hoarded Gold. But I disagree with your "Its to hard to trade out of the ..." Bill had the #7 last year, and traded down to 11 or 12 and still got the DROY. And a got another draft pick.

    I would think that Bill would probably move down to 7-8 and pick up a pick; if he didn't use the pick for a stud LOT; and then move down to 10-12 and pick up a stud whatever, and also get another pick. JUST LIKE HE DID LAST YEAR...:p:p:cool:
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  18. Pat_the_Patriot

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    I agree with your post... this IS Pioli that we're talking about.. AND, I believe that he can start negotiations with the Pats for MC with his #34 pick (yes, we can assume that the pick will only sign a 4 year deal... as opposed to a 5 year deal... BUT that pick will be a LOT cheaper than a first rounder, too... AND that pick could BE, or could be packaged to trade up for Pettigrew, which my gut (which ain't worth much, lol) tells me BB may covet strongly)... although there would have to be more to it, too... perhaps their high fourth rounder and a conditional second/third next year (depending upon team finish)?
  19. Ice Cold Bruschi

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    Man I hope Pioli is dumber than they are, I agree with them it would be retarded to trade the 3rd overall for Cassel
  20. Pat_the_Patriot

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    btw: I know it's not a popular postion here.. but as much as I WISH that MC was worth a #3 draft pick in 2009, I don't believe that he is, either. Just my two pennies, though... while I hope that you all are right, I don't believe that you are... AND, thinking like a Chiefs fan, I wouldn't want to see that deal go through. THAT being said... I believe that they will offer a "flip trades" scenario with us (the #3 overall for our #23 overall) but I'm not sure what the add-ons would have to be from each side... I think that Pioli would want the boot from BB and BB would want the boot from Pioli, no? Thus that trade would go down in flames.

    BTW: I don't think that BB WANTS the #3... not unless he knows that he can immead. trade down and pick up extra draft picks for it... too much $$ invested in a top 5 first rounder.

    Now I've made it 3 pennies... so I'll shut up now.
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