Breakout Patriots Player of 2013 - Who Will It Be?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Ian, May 13, 2013.

  1. Ian

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    Since it's a dead part of the offseason, I figured I'd throw this out there to hear people's thoughts on who they think will be a player who emerges with a big season this year? Will it be Chandler Jones, Aaron Dobson, Jamie Collins or somebody else? Post your thoughts and why you think so in this thread :cool:
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  2. ALP

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    Jones...I think the guy will stay healthy this year, and if he does, midway through the season he will b the guy opposing D coords gameplan for from a pass rush perspective
  3. PatsWickedPissah

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    I'm picking one of the rookies; they're still young enough to break out in acne.
  4. Sicilian

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    Hightower. I think he's a LB who can do a lot of things, and that will start to blossom this year. He'll chip in 6 or 7 sacks, grab a couple INTs, and become a physical force in short yardage situations.
  5. KontradictioN

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    My prediction...

    Breakout player: Chandler Jones
    Player most likely to break: Ras-I Dowling
  6. condon84

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    Breakout player: Edelman. Will finally be able to stay healthy. (hopefully)
  7. Christian

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    Really hope we have several break out players but if I have to pick one...I hope its a player at a position we were previously weak CB or DE...or WR.

    I'm going to go with a couple I hope really break out. One, Chandler Jones. Really hope he develops into the STUD DE we all think he can be. By that I mean all around guy who takes on blocks in the running game and makes plays behind the line of scrimmage, and also gets up to the 12-15 sack range.

    Second, Dont'a Hightower. Would like to see Hightower emerge into a beast and all around LB they drafted him to be.

    Third, Aaron Dobson. I know he's a rookie. But I really want to see if he can be a guy who Brady can go to down the field a bit and be a threat in the red zone. If we can combine Dobson with Hernandez, Gronkowski and Amendola as threats. This offense will be VERY, VERY tough to stop. Throw in Edelman, Jones and Boyce as depth and you are looking at some serious weapons in the passing game.

    Four, Shane Vereen. We know what Ridley gives us and I'd like to see Ridley step it up a notch after a very good year last year. But Vereen is a guy who showed big time potential as a receiving threat and runner. And I think with the combination of Ridley and he, we could be looking at a fantastic duo at RB.

    Lastly, Nate Solder. I feel as though he kind of goes un-talked about a bit on this board. He's developing into a very good LT...but this is the year when we really see if he is going to develop into that elite status LT. Year three is big for the Colorado product.
  8. JR4

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    when I hear break out player I think it's a player who greatly exceeds
    what he has done so far on this team.

    Two players I think may far exceed what they have done are:

    1. Alfonso Dennard - 3 ints, 7 PD last year - predict he'll double those stats
    2. Shane Vereen - he did so well receiving I think they get him more involved especially with Woody gone.

    Chandler Jones should do better but I wouldn't be surprised if doesn't
    do a whole lot better unless he comes back a whole lot stronger with
    some new moves. Hoping his injury was the reason for his decline.
    I wish he could be as consistent and productive as Ninkovich.
  9. Armond Armstead; I envision him being a 3 down player for us playing 65%-70% defensive snaps. His stats won't overwhelm but he will be a force for us.
  10. VrabelJr

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    Offense: Shane Vereen, Josh Boyce
    Defense: Alfonzo Dennard, Tavon Wilson
  11. VrabelJr

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    Damn it, nice picks. I made my post without reading anybody else's and thought I was really smart.
  12. grandpajim

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    I strongly believe that Chandler is going to have a tremendous career and this year will be a great breakout for him.

    Last year he was slowed by injuries giving him a taste of the NFL but frustratingly holding him back.

    Last year he was lanky, this year he grows a little more into his frame.

    He and his brothers are serious athletic, hard workers and working out with his brother Jon Bones this offseason has to leapfrog him ahead of where he was last year.
  13. Christian

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    Dennard is a guy I forgot about in my post. I mentioned CB's and he is the one I would like to see make the jump. I think he's got alot of potential. We've got 2 legit physical man 2 man corners who can jam in Dennard and Talib...and perhaps 2 more future starters behind them in Dowling and Ryan. You've got to like how our secondary looks on paper going in.

    Tavon Wilson I'd also like to see make a jump but I really don't envision his ceiling to be very high. I think his ceiling is as a starter capable safety, but certainly not elite. If he is able to do that, I will be happy. Hoping he is able to achieve that this year. He looked decent as a rookie except for when he got burnt a couple times.
  14. JR4

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    well ... I think you are smart. :)
  15. doesntmatter1

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    logan ryan and michael buchannon.

    I am a strong believer in ryan and he will get his shot after ras falls apart.

    Buchannon will start off as a good edge setter and go on from there. Aside from jones, no one consistently set the edge and i believe buchannon can with his extremely long arms.
  16. belichick010405

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    Breakout Player of the Year? This is a tough question to answer:

    Patriots Offensive Breakout Player of the Year: Shane Vereen

    Vereen will be occupying an expanded role this year by taking the secondary running back snaps that Danny Woodhead took last year.

    If you combine the workload that Vereen and Woodhead had last year, they had a combined 2012 production of 138 carries, 552 yards, 7 TD's, and 48 catches for 555 yards and 4 TD's.

    I fully expect Vereen to receive a large increase in snaps and touches this year and we can point to the following statement from ESPN Boston Reporter Field Yates:

    Recent news on Shane Vereen - New England Patriots -

    Vereen will be the 5th most productive player on the offensive roster behind Amendola, Hernandez, Gronkowski and Ridley. Look for Vereen to be involved as a slot receiver and as the #2 running back. If Vereen breaks 1,000 yards of total production then he will have justified the promise that he showed in the Houston playoff game last year.

    Of note - I gave serious consideration for Amendola because he will have over 1,000 receiving yards on 70+ catches and no less than 5 touchdowns.

    Patriots Defensive Breakout Player of the Year: Armond Armstead

    It was a short two years ago when the Patriots had re-discovered their pass rush when both Andre Carter and Mark Anderson totaled 10 sacks a piece.

    Last year, the Pats re-started what was going to make up their front 7 by drafting Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower who were surrounded by solid veteran and All-Pro role players including Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo, Aqib Talib, Brandon Spikes, Jermaine Cunningham, Devin McCourty, and Rob Ninkovich.

    Personnel wise, the Patriots have not been in better shape since the days of Bruschi, Vrabel and Law and with the Patriots continuing to add versatile 4-3 linebackers and defensive lineman, the one that is going to bust things wide open will be 4-3 defensive tackle and defensive end Armond Armstead who will likely be playing on the defensive line with Chandler Jones, Vince Wilfork and some form of combination of Ninkovich, Tommy Kelly, and any of the remaining members of their defensive coverage.

    Armstead is the perfect fit for this team because he can play DT or DE and provides not only the size to hold the edge on the strong or weak side but carries the speed and explosiveness to get to the quarterback. If Tommy Kelly can still bring it, a defensive front 4 of Jones-Kelly-Wilfork-Armstead is going to be a dynamic setting which will continue to allow opposing offenses' to think twice about the Patriots secondary and linebacking units in the passing game.
  17. VJCPatriot

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    Hopefully we see a sophmore leap from Jones instead of a sophmore slump. The same goes for Hightower. Dennard certainly has room for improvement as well as Talib. This team is actually scary young on defense outside of Wilfork and Mayo who are 'grizzled vets' in comparison.

    On offense, I'd like to see Dobson have an uncharacteristically good rookie year for a Pats receiver. The last one to breakout his rookie year was what, Terry Glenn? But I'd be satisfied with 600+ yards and a handful of TDs as long as he is on the same page with Brady. Want to see Amendola step up his game in his first year with us as well. He is making a lot of money and is the highest paid Pats WR as of today.
  18. Christian

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    You forgot Adrian Wilson as another vet. But yeah, this D is young. Offense is as well except for TB and Mankins. We're looking good for the future. Just got to hope some of these guys develop.
  19. Brady2Moss

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    Vereen on offense

    Jones on defense
  20. fnordcircle

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    NO really, no fooling, THIS is the year.

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