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Breakout Patriots Player of 2013 - Who Will It Be?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Ian, May 13, 2013.

  1. shmessy

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    They have tackle depth now. Didn't before. Plus they wanted to develop him as Vollmer Insurance in case he bolted for FA. It was a need thing the past two years.

    Rest assured, Dante knows exactly what he's doing.
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  2. DarrylS

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    Gotta go with the whole defensive backfield, as another year of maturity and the leadership of Adrian Wilson will make the respected... there are a lot of moving pieces here, and they can be used interchangeably..
  3. EwanSellars

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    Dec 22, 2012
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    kind of have to agree with darryl there i think talib could break out into an elite CB with a year of TC and being with the team and controlling himself. I think dennard can have a breakout season by building on last year and could be huge this season he showed some elite qualities late in the year, Arrington could have a breakout season by improving on his season in the slot and showing he deserved the contract he got and dowling can have a breakout year by showing everyone why he got drafted at 33 and using his size and speed to be a great cb then of course tavon wilson in his second year cutting down on his key mistakes and building on a quietly strong year last year he could prove why we "overdrafted" him. Mccourty could become an elite safety which at times he seemed to be last season.
    almost anyone on the secondary could have a break out year as well as hightower, vereen and jones and Da jones im really excited for this team
  4. NEPettyOfficer72

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    Aug 16, 2011
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    Could be at least 10 players to watch for a breakout 2013 season.

    - Danny Amendola - injury prone yes, but so is everybody in the NFL so lets not judge him off of his past injury problems. If he stays healthy, in which I have faith that he will then you talk about a guy who has the same intangibles that Welker did coming in back in 2007 but at that point wasn't as big, fast, crisp or accomplished as Danny is now. He looked very good with QB Sam Bradford throwing him the ball so just imagine how great he will look with the best QB to ever throw a football launching passes at him. Healthy, and develops chemistry and timing with Tom then NFL lookout.

    - Shane Vereen - he has the vision, power, quickness, elusiveness, and a pair of special hands... which is more than enough to replace third down specialist Danny Woodhead. This guy has even more talent from an all around stand point. Now with Danny gone, he can really showcase more of what he did last year, particularly to the Texans in both games, from the start of this year.

    - Aaron Dobson - Something about Marshall Wide Receivers that never seem to fail. Rookie, yes but kids these days come out of college at that position and seem to thrive. Especially because their talent level, intangibles and size have increased in quality over the last decade. And Aaron has every single attribute you could ask of a pro-ready NFL starting caliber wide receiver and could with the GOAT throwing him the ball, turn heads during this season.

    - Jake Ballard - Looks like TE's Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez could be healthy this season, but watch out for this pass catching TE. He can hurt you in the red-zone with his size, and gave Eli Manning a lot of help over the middle of the field on third downs a few seasons ago. He has good route running, solid hands and deceptive speed. More face time and a better QB could lead to higher numbers.

    - Chandler Jones - physical specimen was on pace for a DROY double digit sack season with at least 4 forced fumbles before he got hurt. And is still getting better, learning and fine tuning his game.

    - Don'ta Hightower - before this young man was injured, he too was very productive. Had 4 sacks, forced fumble and recovery for a touchdown and helped in the run game early.

    - Devin McCourty - look up opposing QB passer ratings from when he is starting at the Free Safety position and tell me if he can roam the stat sheet this year at that position. Now, we get to see him play center field from the start of the season beside another highly talented defensive back who's been around and can give him a pointer or two.

    - Adrian Wilson - 33 meaning old but not ancient like Ed Reed, and can still play at a high level. Imagine what he could do in a Bellichick directed defense knowing how to be utilized and that fact that Bill knows how to revamp some of the best players we've ever seen. That, and the fact that he Bill loves aggressiveness, toughness, experience, physicality, instincts and smarts in the secondary which is everything Adrian has.

    - Ras-I Dowling - very fragile player but if he can stay healthy, then I've heard some shutdown attributes of him, and I'm talking since his college days. The only question is, with Alfonzo Dennard who will win the battle for that starting spot opposite of star CB Aqib Talib? Dennard is very good, but many say Ras has Champ Bailey-like ability? Time will tell...

    - James Collins - the speed, athleticism, quickness of the edge, balance, motor and acceleration in addition to the tenacity that Bill Belichick likes in hybrid pass rush players that know how to sack the quarterback.

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