Ask Vic with some post Pats @ Jags comments

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Box_O_Rocks, Dec 28, 2006.

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  2. richpats

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    "He’s not going to the Pro Bowl. What a joke."

    Man, I want to play San Diego in the playoffs REAL BAD.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    A late edition:
  4. pats1

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    Simply considering the fact that Vic writes for, you have to take his assessment with a grain of salt.

    The way I saw it, Garrard had the ball ready to throw, but Jarvis' arm coming down on the strip sack pushed it forward, giving the illusion of the arm moving forward.

    While the tuck rule does not apply, it is a very similar play to that of January 2001. Brady's arm was pushed foward into his left hand, giving the illusion of a tuck.
  5. PatsWickedPissah

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    Why does everyone seem to forget that to overturn the call on the field there must be IRREFUTABLE visual evidence to the contrary? Not just some angle that seems to show something 'possibly' different. In this instance I saw the game on a 56" HDTV - better than the on-field refs have. The '3rd replay shot to Garrard's right' does NOT give you all the depth information to make an irrefutable decision. I knew that the call would not be overturned, figuring 80-20 in our favor where 20% is a generous allowance for an incompetent or biased ref who just does the wrong thing.
  6. BelichickFan

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    I thought it was a fumble. The first angle I saw, I said I thought it would be overturned into an incpmplete pass. But the last angle, it looked like the ball moved in (and starting out of) his hand before he tried to throw (regardless of whether Jarvis was the one who moved his arm forward or not).
  7. PatsFan37

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    Tuck rule, shmuck rule, who the heck cares. The game's over. Same as Denver last year and the PI call and the TD vs. safety. Good teams don't put themselves in a position to let the refs decide.

    All that aside, you gotta love Vic's comments. "Players, Skeeter. Always players, not plays." This Jax writer has some serious man love for our Brady and you have to respect that.

    Thanks for the link, Box.
  8. Flying Fungi

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    The part edited out was where Skeeter complained about the play calling of Josh McDaniels... :bricks:
  9. Dragda

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    How can anyone in America who has even casually watched more than a couple NFL games not have the words "Irrefutable visual evidence" inescapably inscribed on their brains (along with other more useless gems such as "the ground can't cause the fumble" and "the most underrated...")???
  10. Harrison37

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    I almost wrote to Vic but didn't.

    Beyond the fumble/tuck rule play is the fact that the Jags put themselves in the position to miss the playoffs because they dropped two games to the moribund Houston Texans and Tennessee's 98 yards of total offense.

    Whether it was a fumble or not- it was ONE play. To make that big a deal of it cheapens the overall premise when you look at what JAX did to be in a situation where their postseason hopes hinged on one offensive drive against one of the league's best defenses.

    Vic's a homer, and I got it. But- one fact he can't dispute is that if you put yourself in the position to depend on a replay decision to determine your fate, then you've probably not done enough to get ahead.
  11. Box_O_Rocks

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    Your not jay from Pleasanton, CA? I'm getting people confused again.
  12. italia44

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    Good stuff,Box....thanks

    I thought it was a fumble,but it could have gone either
    way.The ruling on the field clinched it.

    I also think Garrad's "intent" was a factor with the officials............i.e.He looked like he was running almost parallel to escape the rush,not cokking the ball preparing to pass.

    Also,on the Ingram "spear" of Tom Brady.....many times I've seen officials reluctant to throw a 2nd flag on a player,who has already received a major personal foul penulty.This would have resulted in the ejection of the player and I think they kept the flag in their pockets,for this reason.
  13. Harrison37

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    My point to Vic would have been less about last week's game and more about the lost games to Houston and Tennessee (three losses in the same season to teams all named Houston at some point in their existence...things that make you go hmmmm).

    Instead of focusing on the Pats loss, Vic and the HC of the JJ should be mad at themselves for blowing opportunities against easier marks. They lost to the AFCE champs- whining about the fumble is a symptom of what has plagued that team all year: no accountability to themselves for failing to beat the teams behind them in the standings.
  14. Box_O_Rocks

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    I think that was brought up in one of his Q&As, but since it wasn't Patriots' related I passed and left the Jags' fans to stew over their season with Vic.

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