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Ahmad Brooks kicked off UVA

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by dryheat44, Mar 31, 2006.

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    Think he wishes he didn't come out last year. He would have been a top 20 pick.

    Excerpted from GBN, who excepted it from somewhere else:

    Top MLB off school team… The axe has finally fallen on embattled Virginia MLB Ahmad Brooks as he has formally been dismissed from the team for what is being reported as repeated violations of team policy. Brooks had been expected to enter the 2006 draft where he would have been one of the highest rated middle backers despite missing much of last season with assorted injuries, however, he opted to return to school for the upcoming season. Rumors started to circulate almost immediately, though, that Brooks was in trouble with team officials and that reality was confirmed earlier this week when he was booted from the squad. Brooks has indicated that he will finish out the semester at Virginia but has not yet commented on his immediate football future. There is growing speculation that Brooks, who was Virginia’s leading tackler in both 2003 and 2004 as a freshman and sophomore respectively, will apply for this summer’s supplemental draft. Brooks, though, could also transfer, however, because he has only one year of eligibility remaining, he would have to drop down to Division 1-AA or lower if he were to transfer. Senior CB Tony Franklin, a second-tier prospect for the 2007 draft, was also kicked off the Virginia team as was 6-6, 265-pound junior OLB Vince Redd.
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