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You'll Never Believe This: Revis Tampering More Extensive Than Revealed

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Sep 12th

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Yeah you also wonder why the NFL has so many ex jets in the FO when you've got plenty of non-garbage organizations to choose from.

I thought the Revis thing was funny at the time mainly because they thought they were so smart and getting one over on the Pats; Revis knew that and completely played them for double his value.


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Yeah - I thought that the tampering went only as far as Woody's statements. Something that Kraft did in 97 when he said the Jets could send us some of their players by name in exchange for Parcells. So I wasn't super into the 'omg jets tampering' brigade.

This is completely different and is actual, actionable tampering. Can't wait to see the league play favorites.


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Well, the douchebag commissioner has always maintained that he has the right to revisit punishment if new information comes to light so it's now time for the jets to cough up that first round pick to the Patriots for tampering extensively with Revis.

Let's see:

#3 (from Chicago for Jimmy Garrapolo

#6 ( from Woody for tampering)

#32 (for the greatest comeback in football history)

Gonna be quite a haul.

Then they can spend that 70 million in cap space.

Who knows, they may even win the offseason?

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People wonder why Pats fans are so paranoid.

It gets mentioned quite a bit, but could you imagine if it came out that this happened when Revis was part of the Bucs, and it was the Pats that interefered?

At some point, a healthy punishment has to be handed down. This makes the entire league a joke. If there was ever something that deserves a 1st round pick to be taken, this is it.

Premier player on a contract
Rights held by defending super bowl champion
Rival division team interferes
It ruins the Pats negoiatiing rights since Revis already knows what he can get elsewhere
Private meetings held
Private phone calls take place
Player changes teams

How is that anything short of a scandal?


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Unbelievable. Minimum of a year-ban for Todd Bowles, McCagnan and forfeiture of the Jets' entire 2017 draft.

What will we tell the children??! Cheaters and cheating cannot be tolerated, proven or otherwise!

That's all the fake outrage I can muster over this. Doubt anything meaningful comes out of tampergate.


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Can't say I'm surprised.

The whole cheating propaganda is something even the person who created this term would be proud of.
  • Rams accuse us of taping them when there's more evidence to suggest they did that to us and not the other way around.
  • Jets commit the same infraction as we did for Spygate, yet they get off with no punishment and we're sentenced to jail for the equivalent of a speeding ticket (the one minor blemish I will admit to on our end).
  • Jets tamper with Revis and get off with a slap on the wrist.
  • Colts turn up our locker room temperature and pump in crowd noise, yet we get punished with Deflategate.
  • Broncos circumvent the salary cap, a blatant disregard for the rules and a textbook definition of cheating.
  • Ravens get mad at us for the ineligible receiver rule, yet they find and exploit a loophole with ending the game on committing the ultimate definition of holding.
  • Steelers are gifted SB 40 with Seattle getting screwed on scores being taken away on phantom penalties.
  • Giants get the SB 42 miracle to go down thanks to blatant holds by multiple offensive linemen that were not called as they should have been on the helmet catch.


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Deep down I am not really mad at this. They saved us more than cheated us. And Revis played the Jets to get more money out of them, so the Jets got what they deserved.

In the end, we won our 5th while the Jets are still the circus of the league. If we get something for this then that would be icing on the cake, but I don't really care if we don't. The big deal for this is that more NFL bull**** is revealed and the bull**** just keeps piling up and piling up.


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We all knew this was the case at the time. We all know the league has no consistent disciplinary procedures. We all know the league has it out for the Patriots.

But the Jets still suck, the Revis deal has been a millstone around their necks and we still win.

Lets just move on and win again.


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The NFL is a joke... so funny... can't control my laughter...



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There's no doubt the Jets tampered. But where is Metha getting his info from? I didn't see where he even names an unnamed source within the organization or anyone from the Revis side. Am I missing something? These more detailed allegations can't be proved as if the NFL "looks into it" again, there's no "paper trail". Nothing will come of this. Like Mara and Rooney said "much ado about nothing".


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This news will be swept under the rug. What a f*cking joke. The jests should be punished severely but you won't hear a peep from bspn on this!!!!! So much corruption from ****dell and his cronies!

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And purely coincidentally, shortly after the Pats filed tampering charges against the Rats, Defamegate was launched.

Knowing how this corrupt NFL* works, if there are any adjustments made to the tampering punishment disparity, the Chiefs will be given their picks, and $150,000 back, rather than punishing the Rats with anything, and don't hold your breath expecting the Pats to be given anything from the Rats.

Also, just as a reminder to everyone, the fact that Revis has underperformed doesn't change anything. The offense is still as serious regardless of how Revis played.


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What really infuriated me about the Jets getting a slap on the wrist for the Revis tampering was the fact that the Chiefs lost a third and sixth round pick for tampering with Jeremy Maclin around the same time. How does one team get fined 100 grand while the other loses two draft picks. The league even delayed the Chiefs' punishment for like six months so that your average NFL fan would forget about the Revis "punishment." This league is something else.
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