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Jets Suck -- 2017 Edition (Official): Countdown to Oblivion

2021 Patriots Season:
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Next Up: at Bills
Pick Results: NE: 82.4% at BUF: 17.6%

Dec 6th

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Roommates. Keep each other outta trouble. :D
Can you imagine those two let loose in New York? The Post and Daily News would hire new fulltime reporters just to cover their off-field shenanigans. The games would be an even bigger laff riot. We could watch Bowles' hair go completely gray in real time.

Bill Lee

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The Jets spent 1st round picks on Sheldon Richardson, Mo Wilkerson and Leonard Williams, had them together for two seasons and they were never a "shut down" defense. Sounds about right for the Jets.

The undrafted but talented 'Snacks' Harrison left for the Jints last year so the entire 'Sons of Anarchy' generation of Jete DL is now gone to the wind.

The Jete treat DL as foundation pieces but in reality they are finishing pieces you should add once you have the rest of the core in place, because if they are any good they will want to get PAID after their rookie contracts and in general they don't age well.
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