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Why the hell did we not try harder to keep TB12?

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Who hasn't had bad picks?

The Chiefs wasted a 1st round pick on Dee Ford and moved on from him, a 2nd round pick on Breeland Speaks and another 2nd round pick on Tanoh Kpassagnon... no doubt on some Chiefs message board somewhere there's a group saying Andy Reid sucks.
That reminds me... thanks Dee.


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The point is that Brady has been lucky except for one hit in 2008 to not have a OT falling into his knee or a pass rusher being blocked at an awkward angle into his legs. None of his fitness regimen would have prevented a catastrophic injury and could have been career ending or at least altering. And since all of this is just random circumstance none of it is in his control whatsoever.

On the other hand he is also one of the few QBs out there who has taken lessons on how to fall properly and has enough self awareness to know when to risk his body -- something that QBs like JimmyG never learned -- which is the second part of the equation: the one he actually has control over. So good on him minimizing the risk.

His entire pliability schitck most likely helps him with regeneration between games and might prevent soft tissue issues -- which both at his advanced age would have a cumulative effect the longer a season goes -- but has absolutely no bearing on a 300 LB linemen falling at high speed into his planted leg. That is luck and randomness.
Your middle paragraph is spot on. Brady plays the position to maintain his health. He is a master of manipulating the pocket and has maybe the best self-awareness of any QB which helps him avoid the 300 pound gorilla at his feet. I think where TB12 helps him the most is the nagging injuries that happen post age 40. The soft tissue, the arthritis, the muscle fatigue. These things are cumulative and much worse than any one injury that a body can heal from in a few weeks. He has been able to stave off the wear and tear factor which is huge as you age. That is where Brees has fallen down the last few years and why he is retiring.


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Oh that's rich. You said exactly what I said was horsesh*t. lil' bill molded Brady out of clay. Oh wait, Weis and Scarnecchia assisted. The problem with what you're saying is...

Rohan Davey
Kliff Kingsbury
Matt Cassel
Kevin O'Connell
Zac Robinson
Ryan Mallett
Jimmy Garoppolo
Jacoby Brissett
Danny Etling
Jarrett Stidham

That list of mostly rubbish is all other quarterbacks drafted and schooled by your hero lil' bill. According to you, they all should be lifetime franchise quarterbacks. WTF happened?

You see, there's you're problem... "you believe it."

I guess you also believe Joe Walsh should have just stuck with Steve DeBerg? Seriously, who needs Joe Montana?

Matt Flynn had 6 TD passes for Green Bay once, I suppose you believe Green Bay should have shipped Rodgers out of town for a 3rd rounder? 5th rounder?

Hell, let's just do away with any notion of the GOAT. Babe Ruth... fraud. Wayne Gretzky... clown. Michael Jordan... LOSER. Mike Tyson... wimp!

Jesus Christ! he had started 55 games in a row so apparently even your hero thought he made some kind of a difference. Over the course of the three previous seasons Butler led the team in CB starts, snaps, tackles, passes defended, and interceptions. And you say "he wouldn't have made an iota of difference" in the f*cking Super Bowl?! Did you watch the game? Eric Rowe, Johnson Bademosi, and Jordan Richards combined for 98 snaps in the SB. 9-f*cking-8! They were collectively horrendous from snaps 1 through 98.

Butler wouldn't have made an iota of difference... worst take ever.
Yes, don't tell the truth because it could make clawhammer uncomfortable lol
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Words and statements have meanings, yes?

Can you explain specifically what you mean when you say Brady ”turned into one under the tutelage of Bill, Charlie Weis and probably Scarnecchia”?

Specifically what does that mean? Football lectures? Film breakdowns? Body building tips? Private lectures?

Which skills were transmitted? I am curious why Bledsoe, Huard, Bishop, and other QBs were unable to turn into one. Why would those guys fail despite receiving the same tutelage?

Would you also describe Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, or Patrick Mahomes as guys who “turned into (a franchise QB)” by citing their head coach, offensive coordinator, and offensive line coach from their rookie seasons? I haven’t really seen that same type of characterization of those if this is unique to Brady, I assume you can walk me through a day in Tom Brady’s rookie season and how the coaching staff developed him.
Dean Pees says that Bill spent 90% of the week going over opposing defenses with Brady.

Fan sites...

The only place on planet earth where a 21 year old came into a new job automatically knowing everything and the jump from college to the pros for a part time starter and 6th round pick was nothing at all... despite his early stats saying otherwise.

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I think that this discussion from the original question has derailed...

The question was why didnt the patriots try harder to keep Brady?

The answer is Ego. On all sides. Imo.

Bradys and BBs .. I think Kraft made a bad decision in picking sides.

Both quarterback and head coach will be retired in 5 years or less. Thats it. Both done and finished.

Why not pay to keep the legacy of Brady intact... Work toward a final super bowl or at least a couple of good seasons.

This is my first post and im going to state right now that BB will never see another AFC championship in the rest of his career as a coach.

I am not loyal to one team but enjoy the NFL and the personnel.. Trust me the patriots have probably given me more ulcers than pleasure.

However I appreciate the greatness of this franchise.

In that regard, letting this pair not fade off into the sunset together, was as big a mistake as Irsay running Manning out of town.

It diminished the legacy of Manning as a colt and propped him up a a great player that didnt depend on his franchise to achieve greatness.

Manning had an injury... But he had also given his all to his team... He deserved the chance to continue.(his record was amazing until his final season which concluded in a sb thanks to defense)

Brady although banged up prior to last season.. Looked pretty darn good and clearly still has what it takes to be a good QB.

Sometimes its not all about superbowls( lord knows the patriots are full of those recently)..
Even though I think These two could have conjured up one more run.

The Dynasty wasnt just about all those trophies (not in the end).

It was about something that we will never see again in the NFL. Total dominance. I believe that Brady would have stayed... I believe BB didn't care anymore, I believe Kraft sides with BB.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for Brady. I personally hope he wins, and not because I want to hate on BB. Hopefully BB wants him to win as well especially as some of you claim that he's truly his mentor and the reason for the majority of his success.

So that Begs the question... Is BB rooting for Brady or against?

The truth is, I think we all know the answer.

Its a direct correlation of Bradys absence from the Patriots.

Its sad to see him not in a Pats uni..

What's even sadder is to see the fan base divided over something that should have never happened.
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Tom is not an idiot. He looked at that Tampa roster and said "damn, son." He was right. Tampa had so much young talent at skilled positions. Add that to playing your last couple of years in a sub-tropical climate, with almost no pressure to win. Solid call.


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Just the fact that he and Gisele built a mansion here at any time proves that he wanted to stay here. Weren't his kids being raised here?
Are you just not bright enough to understand he obviously changed his mind after he built the house? No one is arguing he didn't want to stay here or even retire as a Pat. HE CHANGED HIS FRIKIN MIND AND WALKED AWAY. Get it yet?
Yep and how did the titans do this year?

The ravens are a floundering mess... This is the weakest afc I have seen in years.

Used to be steel town, colts, broncos, ravens, the mighty patriots...

Now its a dude that talks like Kermit the frog and has the most annoying girlfriend in all of sports...

Im literally rooting for the patriots to get back up to knock out kansas city forever....

Boston in the spring and summer is pretty nice...

Kansas city is... Well kansas city year round it sucks.

The bucs need to watch the tape of the raiders vs chiefs this year... Jon gruden for all his deficiencies coached an almost perfect game.

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Are you just not bright enough to understand he obviously changed his mind after he built the house? No one is arguing he didn't want to stay here or even retire as a Pat. HE CHANGED HIS FRIKIN MIND AND WALKED AWAY. Get it yet?
I'm giving you the slip lady. Goodbye.