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Who is going to be the 2022/23 breakout Patriot?

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Oct 2nd
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There are a lot of players likely on their PROVE IT years (Asiasi,Keene as examples) , a few 2nd year Patriots building on very solid 1st year in New England and a healthy mix of Rookies/1st year players and 2nd year disappointments who might of just needed a full year to "buy in".

Excluding Mac ..who do do YOU feel is going to be the player this year that ups his game and elevates the team?


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Barmore breaks out as a top 10-12 IDL

Dugger as a top 10-12 Saf

Came back to edit for Rham. He looked really really good last year. Hopefully he's improved on pass pro and both him and Harris catch a few more balls.

HM to Strong (perfect for stretch plays)

Zappe "breaks out" in camp & ps. That would be amazing.

Both the Jones bros. We need Marcus to make plays and eventually lock down the slot and hopefully Jack can secure a role outside.

LB Ray was really good value udfa. I'll definitely be watching him.

I was a big fan of Wilson coming out. Hoping he can turn it around here. Same sentiment for McGrone. Athletic, tough kid that'll probably need a year to get set but he's what we need back there.

Last but not least Perkins and Uche. One of the two if not both would be much welcomed considering Judon & Barmore are our only consistent source of pass rush.
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Harris. He’s already a top 5 RB in the AFC, but both he and Rham are going to run wild if they install more zone run- Shanahan style concepts.

Speaking of Rham, he is a guy to watch out for. He’s going to make a lot of plays this season. I think Rham is a complete back.

He took the next step last year making plays. Now It’s time for Dugger to out snap Adrian Phillips who has been a fantastic signing.

Barmore is another easy pick on defense. He said he needs to take the next step and be a better finisher. I see him delivering notching no less than 5 sacks and becoming a name player around the league.

Marcus Jones and/or Pierre Strong makes an instant impact on the punt/kick offs.
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I'm going Bourne. He had a good first year but still plenty of room for improvements. I think his reps should go up following last year and second year with Mac hopefully has him putting up #1 WR stats.
I was going to mention him but I already named a few players.

Bourne has never had more than 74 targets. Last year he had 70 and went for 800/5. His best year. Give him 115-125 targets and he's an easy 1k + WR. He should be considered our WR1 going into the year.

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I was going to mention him but I already named a few players.

Bourne has never had more than 74 targets. Last year he had 70 and went for 800/5. His best year. Give him 115-125 targets and he's an easy 1k + WR. He should be considered our WR1 going into the year.

He's also been pretty durable (missed 1 game in the last four years), and he got those 70 targets playing only 52% of the snaps. Swap his snap counts with Meyers (who was at 84%) and I think 1k is almost a lock.


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If the focus is on the delta from last year, that pretty much rules out the players (like Harris, Bourne, Rham, Barmore) that did very well last year.

Clearly Jonnu Smith was the biggest underperformer and I expect him to do much better this year. Belichick has noted that TE is the second-hardest position on the roster (after QB) to master, and that is more particularly true of the Move TE. I suspect we will also see more wide splits and in general more room for the offensive players to move and show their athleticism, so that should also help him. Less clear why his blocking was poor - perhaps that was injury related.

The strength of the offense is not a single point of focus - instead it is a better "middle-class" than most other team. So that reduces the chance for any single player to be the breakout star.


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2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Because I don't believe in miracles, it has to be Bourne. More targets = better production. Guaranteed. 1k season is nothing to sneeze at.

On the other side, who is going to breakdown, the list is too long to mention.

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I hope in a defense one...
Perkins for example

Staying with defense, I still feel if he is given reps with similar responsibilities that Shaun Wade is the closest one we have here to DMac... I don't think he'll ever make it here even as a Zone CB; but I do think that because he's a good tackler and played better in college when facing the action, he has as good a chance to be our starting FS in 2023 as anybody, though I do question his recovery speed, and his attitude...


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Stevenson. I love the battering ram type runners, and this kid has the power to level defenders. A bit of a Kevin Faulk transition when it comes ot ball control and he can be a staple for many years. I am hoping to see him get his 1K @ 4.5/carry.


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Loving the Stevenson hype, I was super excited they drafted him because he had all the tools in his shed. It's a matter of putting it all together. He has a very high ceiling if it pans out. By seasons end he was running as well as anyone in the league.

I'm riding with Jonnu and Jabril Peppers to elevate both units.

McGrone /McMillian/Wilson are 3 players I will watch closely..these are the guys will make or break our LB corp. If they don't show out ...I'm afraid it severely hurts our defense. I'm optimistic though just because after last season , I hope there's no way but up.


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Stevenson and borne are my picks . Possibly Rham has a monster season with significant improvements in Online play.

On a relative basis compared to last year , Jonnu has a super low bar so relative to that he could outperform . Agholor and Parker can also fit into their categories.

Surprise or X factor could be the linebackers. No clue who would come shining.

Lot more questions this season. Either we get ppl pleasantly surprised or fail spectacularly . If we did not have Bill, then we should probably be one of the bottom 4 teams considering our roster, uncertainty and coaching pedigree. So it's a bit scary that most of the hope hinges on Bill as opposed to the players.

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Barmore for sure on defense. Had they drafted a big body like Travis Jones to take the heat off I think he would of been a top 3 DT. However the change in defensive formation/philosophy might have been different as well. Just an incredible year last season and plenty left to improve on.

Obviously Bourne was huge and one of the best bargains in all league.

Stevenson despite being “benched?” For his fumble early on proved he was the real deal when he got back in the mix. Absolute Bulldozer that we haven’t seen since Blount.

Overall I think it will be Barmore and Bourne as the breakouts but with Stevenson emerging as a star rb ready for premier spotlight at seasons end and into 2023.