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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
both players seem to be on there way out of there respective teams...

we need a dominant WR with the Welker injury/ Randy aging/ 3rd WR issues (that's Marshall) and a dominant pass rusher (that's Peppers). with no cap, we have no choice but to charge after them this season, or at least some free agents with similar talents...that's what's holding our team back (for the most part, anyway)...

am I crazy for thinking this?

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Denver will still have his rights with no CBA. Will McDaniels trade with BB? Marshall's a nut but he'll still have many suitors but the Pats have draft picks, and the way BB has drafted I'd rather trade them for a proven commodity.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
i don't think bob kraft is the spending type...

That is such a myth. He paid Randy. He paid Richard. He paid Tommy. He paid Adalius. He paid Rosy. He paid Lawyer. He paid Drew. He paid Ty.

Kraft is not afraid of spending money. It has just been the philosophy here not to make the payroll on this team too top heavy. The Pats have consistently paid good money to second and third tier free agents like Springs, Fred Taylor, etc.

Either with no cap or there is a cap and the Pats have about $50 million in cap space to play with, I expect Kraft to open his wallet more. He won't become Daniel Snyder, but the Pats have been agressive with money in free agency in the past (most notably 2003).

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
Can we afford to pay Peppers more than 15 mil a year?

Peppers won't get $15 million a year. He may want that, but no one is going to pay him that. He's not that good. He has a motivation problem at times which will shy a lot of teams away from paying him the big bucks. It will also probably scare off the Panthers from slapping the franchise tag on him too.
when will we learn it's not the receivers we need, it's the play development and play call we need to address most. This offense is so predictable and so one dimensional, and every play seemed to take forever to develop.
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