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Hey *****, I'm just having some fun at the expense of the Chiefs. Really no need for you to respond.
I will admit there are a lot of casual fans that have no idea how truly horrible of a human being he really is. I was watching the games with my parents on Sunday and neither of them had any idea about the things he had done. It really wouldn’t surprise me if there is a directive from high up in the league to not mention any of his legal troubles.


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Tyreek Hill needs to find Jesus or something. And I'm hardly a fan of Christianity these days but that mofo needs something in his life.

He's one of the most exciting players of all time and watching him is 100% ruined because he's the most vile person in the entire NFL. I think we'd have to go back to Hernandez or Hardy or even Carruth to find someone as bad as Hill.


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He’s a savage brute and he should be suspended by the NFL and cut!