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Tidbits from new book on Belichick

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Was listening to Sports Talk radio yesterday AM on the way to a Dr's app't and they began the show about how they were not going to talk about the book, as most of the stuff has been hashed and rehashed ad infinitum..

Went into the Doctors office saw the Dr., had an xray of the knee, got an injection and returned to the truck.. Bertram was still milking a story that they initially claimed they were not going to talk about... I switched to Pandora

The silliness never ends... and I hoped they might be talking about Josh Gordon, intelligently.
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The quote from Tom Brady, Sr. was referencing the idea that Jimmy Garoppolo would replace TB12. That didn’t happen, so it makes you look like a foolish, ignorant poster, considering you are clearly here to pick a fight and that’s the best you can do.

Yes, everyone knows there is some friction between Belichick and Brady. Every Pats fan knows that when anything happens with the Patriots, you can guarantee it’s going to become an enormous national headline and most of these writers are ****roaches picking at a carcass, as is the case here with O’Connor having nothing new to share so just rehashing old headlines and rumors but shouting them louder than before, all to make a buck. Everyone also knows that it’s very rare for coaches and players, regardless of the team, to get along for a sustained period of time, just as in any relationship, but especially difficult in the entertainment industry. And everyone knows that Brady and Belichick have probably feuded often over the years, but the fact is they’ve stayed together for a remarkable period of time for a head coach and quarterbacks going on 20 years, which is way more shocking than these little gossip feeds that sound like a 7th grade cafeteria.

The Patriots have a permanent anal probe attached to them whereby every time they take a dump, four hundred reporters analyze the trajectory of the feces, the intent of it, and all the ramifications of it. Unfortunately many of them also ingest it and become full of it.

Now to scurry along back to your hole. We’ll see you in five years or so when Brady retires and you can be the first to say “I told you so,” which will feel so very unsatisfying, just as it does now.
He won't be back as the team will be average or worse and the Pats fans won't be as fun to troll
Kinda dumb. ESPN Workin overtime, eh. First an article, now a book... Wow, maybe go into farming since they know how to milk this subject matter
Tom Brady just got disrespected so bad by his own team

NFL Rumors: What Bill Belichick Told Brian Cashman About Tom Brady

Well, which is it? Top 15, or "at that level"? Belichick doesn't seem to be going along with the assistant's program on this.

Well, clearly by "at that level" he meant so exceptionally mediocre that if you don't give him exactly what he wants, and create a perfect environment for him to succeed, he's going to fail. It was more about propping up a JAG than catering to a superstar. Like when they had backup QB's in to tryout in 2008, then when Brady went down they sent them away because they didn't want to psyche out the new starter, Cassel. Same thing.

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If BB truly thinks of TB12 as a "system quarterback" and can sub 15~ other QBs in his place and get the same production, this begs the question why he can't seem to do this with our defense?

Of course, the obvious answer is this book is a bunch of BS, but the logic used within is so easy to debunk.
I dont think BB thinks so. I am sure some dumb assistant may think so. You just need to look at this board how people are ready to dump brady in an instant when he throws a few bad passes in the game . Suddenly he becomes 41 who cant play QB. So its not totally impossible someone said it. Sadly it might make brady more distant from the team management .
Sportswriters are the special ed of journalism.
According to a former assistant at ESPN, Ian O’Connor is not special. “Any top-15 pretentious jackass could have written this.” The source did acknowledge that O’Connor’s trademark ****-eating grin is “unique to him.”
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NFL Rumors: What Bill Belichick Told Brian Cashman About Tom Brady

That said, it also would be unfair to give Brady the prima donna label. The veteran quarterback routinely has taken hometown discounts for the betterment of the team, which has allowed the Patriots to maintain a high level of success throughout the Brady-Belichick era. So while TB12 might clash with a coach from time to time, it doesn’t appear as though as he has a habit of being a detriment to the club.
It’s Ian O’Connor so the odds are very high it’s wrong.

But pretend for a second it’s not.

Then so what? If BB and Brady can’t stand each what’s the big deal and what does it matter? Likewise if the coaching staff actually did feel they’d have a lot of success with any top-half-of-the-league QB. Big whoop.

There have been plenty of teams in plenty of sports where the important people hated each other. What matters is if they can work together professionally, which is something Brady, BB, etc. clearly do. If the results are good, who cares what they think of each other?
In this spirit, Quantum, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I simply do not like the cut of your jib. just kidding
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