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Star High School Quarterback Blissfully Unaware He’ll Be Jets Starter 4 Years From Now

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It’s only a matter of time before top draft picks really start trying to manage their way out of dysfunctional situations.
More top prospects need to do this, but they won’t because they are not aware of the s**t show and the players involved in the front office like many fans are until they are there. Players also want the highest draft status.

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define worth it? JAX is a **** show..not to say NYJetes better...but at least he could have made some bank in NYC with sponsors (subway or whatever is nice) JAX market is a joke and my boy Shahid Khan and his meddling son Tony havent shown they will make things any better in the next couple of years. i guess firing Meyers was a start....

But the Khan family are making a boatload of money while putting a crappy team on the field..


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QBs (or any other #1 pick) just don't seem to have much ability to get out of going to a team they don't want to go to. Yes, I know I know.... everyone always responds with Elway and Eli.... but the fact that in the past 50 years of NFL draft, they are the only 2 who managed to shoot their way out of that #1 pick's team kinda proves that it is an extremely rare occurrence.

Roddy White made a comment on some radio show advising Lawrence to stay in school if the Jets were the #1 pick, but that was nothing more than some guy giving an opinion. There isn't anything out there suggesting he was actually hired by Lawrence to provide professional advice (why would a top QB prospect hire a random has-been WR for advice along these lines??). We will never know, but I do not believe Lawrence would have followed White's advice if the Jets were the top pick. He was coming out last year no matter what.
4% ain’t extremely rare occurrence. Just rare