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Sony Michel Unhappy With His First Round Treatment by Patriots (MOD EDIT: Title Modified)

i don't agree it was just tb. i did post somewhere about having strong leaders in the lr like tedy,rodney,willie was important. the lr belongs to the players and loss of leaders there definitely has hurt with being a buffer. maybe i didn't post that here. but none of that has anything to do with what michel said directly about bb.
Of course there are several lockerroom leaders. Team captains are elected by the players. There's only one top dawg. That was Brady. Everyone knows it.
Veteran and locker-room leader who is heading for the Hall of Fame if he ever retires.
Better ones than I have come and gone. I might get the edge due to longevity, but that’s about it.

Albeit, I’m not complaining…I’ve been really fortunate to have made it this far. We’ll see if I’ve got another couple of decades in me before this crazy internet thing gets any more challenging ;)
Humble too ...
Meh, just realistic. I've met some crazy talented people online over the years, especially in the late 90s, early 2000s. There were some incredible sites online, and that was back when people were really doing some cool things. Took me a while to learn enough to do some of those things here, and I've been chasing it ever since.

With AI coming, I'm sure it will be interesting, albeit it would be helpful if the team could hopefully become competitive again sooner rather than later. :cool:

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