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Somebody needs to stop Seth Wickersham; another Patriots book in the works

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Sep 12th

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Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Related - hopefully we get a "Last Dance" or similar type of series out of the Patriots


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
after the hit piece he wrote, putting all the rumored innuendo about Brady/The Pats cheating, I can't imaging anyone proclaiming themselves a Patriots fan or even a Brady fan would spend a plug nickle for this... book...


In the Starting Line-Up
As for Seth Wickersham being the author, all that means is that it's only something that you can use to wipe your butt with. Claiming that "he's been here since the beginning is a crock of sh*t". If this had been authored by Reiss or Holley, then it would worth investing in.

Wickersham can produce 50 anonymous sources that can verify he was "there from the very beginning." If you don't believe that, he can come up with 30 more, each more anonymous than the last.