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Wanted to go A with the running backs but they’re not consistent or healthy enough to get there. hopefully next year.


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QBs: D. His rushing ability is the only reason this is not an F

RB: B Harris gets an A. Michel did well the last few games. The receiving backs and lack of consistency dings their grade

OL: A- They did a good job and the fact they had low continuity across the line gets them a boost.

WR: D- if meyers did not exist this would be an F

TE: F LOL. What TEs?


LB: B-

Secondary: B+

ST: A. I really can't think of any major issues here.

Coaching B. With another coach and the same players I think we do not break 4 wins.

Boomer B

In the Starting Line-Up
Coaching - C

QB - F
RB - B
WR - D- (Meyers raises it from an F)
TE - F
OL - B

DL - D+
LB - D+
DB - B

ST - A-

GM - F


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QB: F. I was for Cam signing. It didn't work out, but worth the shot.
RB: B. Harris and Michel will be a good one-two punch next year. Harry not being able to out produce Myers (undrafted free agent) is a really bad sign. Since that hasn't motivated him, nothing will. He just doesn't have it. Byrd is a good #4. They need to do Edelman a solid and cut him. He should not be your #1 WR.
WR: D-. I want to put F, but the QB/OC didn't help matters. I'd prefer Myers as the #3 WR.
TE: If there was a grade lower than F, I'd put that.
OL: B. Wynn needs to stop getting injured. Onwenu has shown promise. O-line provided some Grand Canyon sized holes even I could run through.

DL: See TE grade. Simon and Wise are a joke, Butler shows occasional flashes (rotational at best), Guy is okay. Need elite Wilfork/Ted Washington type NT as priority #1.
LB: D-. Winovich chose to show up today for a meaningless game and against the 2nd worst team in the NFL. Aside from that, he's regressed. Bentley is horrible, Uche and Jennings aren't far behind averaging 1 tackle per game on a team that can't stop the run.
DB: C+. JCJ getting 9 INT's is great, but he gives up a lot of big plays. He's not a #1 guy yet, but one heck of a #2. JMac regressed, Gilmore in and out of the lineup and looked bored, Phillips was a nice pickup, Dugger is a JAG which leads into my next grade....

Front Office: F
Letting Brady walk automatically gets you an F. The free agent signings in the offseason were pathetic. Get rid of Beau Allen and Vitale for stealing money. The draft was comical. The Dugger pick was and still is hilarious. Keep drafting those DB's Bill!
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It was not even close to Brady's second best season. He is a 3 time MVP and is not in serious consideration this year. He played extremely well but he did it in a year when passing and scoring were setting all time records across the league so the numbers need some context.

OL and Secondary played very well - B+
RB - B needed more production in the passing game from Harris and Michel which we need to see next year
LB and QB - D
WRs - D+
TE - F hopeful the rookies started figuring things out late
Special Teams - A
Coaching - B nice job keeping the team playing hard despite limited skill
Front Office - C liked how they cleaned up much of the cap and early returns on draft look solid. Would like to have seen them do something with Thuney and Gilmore (either sign them long term or trade them)