SBB's 8/16 notes including my opinion on Mankins

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    The return of Bruschi yey was overshadowed by two cartoffs one Mankins and the I think was Orhenberger. Ohrenberger seemed like overheating and/or cramping.

    I preface this by saying you can't read into body language but I think Mankins cart off could be precationary/minor (relative to a need for the cart). He was on the ground getting looked at. looked like his knee. they brought the cart over but he didn't need to be lifted into it, he was helped up and walked to the cart a few feet or so on his own. He didn't look depressed and acknowledged the crowd when they cheered him. I didn't see what happened but oddly enough it seemed he hurt himself on the lap. Maybe someone else so what actually happened.

    with the bummer out of the way here is who stood out to me today.

    Start with Teddy...He seemed to have a light workout today easingback in but I thought he had a few good plays and looked good. He got beat one on one by Faulk early but had a nice play covering him in 11 on 11 and would have really blown him up in full contact...a couple of plays were completed near him but I think full contact he might have broke them up.

    Sanders had a really nice run stuff coming up to the line and actually knocking down Maroney.

    Merriweather and Butler had picks and Thomas made a nice deflection on clear miscommunication between Oconnel and Lewis. Butlers pick would not have happened as Seymour would have had a sack.

    Tully and Crable als had would be sacks.

    Galloway clearly had his best practice with a nice screen play, a real niftymove on a 5 yard out, and a really nice catch on a high throw.

    I wanted to pay attention to the TEs on special teams but they didn't do much work on STs. what I did notice was that it seems like there are zero TEs on the first unit kick coverage(also no Ventrone). I imagine TEs are key on kick coverage but they were holding the bags so it IMO means the work there was on the coverage.

    Whilhite had the no contact on again.

    DL signed and I usually dont care but found it interesting that Burgess and Tully are with this group...Maybe my splitting hairs and clinging to calling them OLB is wrong. I just think they look more like our linebackers than our linemen as most linemen have 20 or so pounds on them at least.

    they seemed to be really getting worked hard today.
    if I think of something else I will post it and lets all hope Mankins is OK.
  2. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Pro Bowl Player

    good news on Mankins....Price is reporting some players were calling it heat related
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