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Alamo's Predict The Score Predict the Score Contest, AFC Wild Card TEN @ NE

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Same score as our 1978 playoff game with the Houston Oilers. Remember those days? Russ Francis and Coach Fairbanks vs Bum Phillips and their QB Dan Pasternini. The great RB Earl Campbell.

Can he even walk without a cane now?

Titans 35
Patriots 14

PatsFanSince74 Supporter Supporter
Pats 25
Titans 20

If I had a chance of winning the contest, i might have picked this differently...but I'm taking the Pats to beat the 4 1/2 point spread on the O/U line.
Go Pats! Thanks for a great ride...hope it lasts three more weeks..."Four Games to Glory?" And, thanks @alamo as always!

Gwedd Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Where is that offense coming from!? Love your prediction and hope u are right

New England always steps it up in the playoffs, and I expect them to continue that. The weather will suck, it's a home game, national TV broadcast, and they are likely to be really pissed about last week's loss. I suspect the Tennessee Vrable's will be quite disappointed tonight seeing their season end so quickly.

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